UNE deadline: August 15, 2022
National deadline: September 15, 2022


University Fulbright Administrator: Professor Karen Houseknecht,

UNE Award Recipients

Scholar Program

  • David Baker
  • Michael Beaudoin 
  • Christine (Stine) Brown
  • Paul Burlin
  • Paul Ewald
  • Kristine Jones
  • Karen Houseknecht
  • Thomas McLaughlin
  • Stephen Rose
  • Stephan Zeeman

Visiting Scholar Program

  • Helida Oyieke - Richard Peterson

International Education Administrators Program

  • Ellen Beaulieu

Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship Program

  • Robert Alegre

Specialist Program

  • Barry Costa-Pierce
  • Pamela Nice

Specialist Roster

  • Kaushik (Kash) Dutta
  • Holly Parker

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