UNE COM primary care professor appointed to state BMV Medical Advisory Board

Daniel Pierce portrait; man smiling directly at camera
Daniel Pierce, D.O. ’90

Daniel Pierce, D.O. ’90, M.S.Ed. ’17, associate clinical professor in the Department of Primary Care within the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and medical director of Maturecare, has been appointed to the Medical Advisory Board of the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), overseen by the Department of the Secretary of State.

The Medical Advisory Board provides guidance to the Secretary of State and BMV regarding which citizens should receive and retain a driver’s license.

Pierce, a doctor of family medicine, began his four-year term on July 29.

“I was very pleased to learn of my appointment to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Medical Advisory Board,” remarked Pierce, one of only a handful of osteopathic physicians appointed to the board. “I've been practicing medicine for a long time, and, with my experience, I am excited to give back to the state of Maine.”

Pierce said he is looking forward to working with his fellow board members in using state guidelines to determine people’s abilities to drive safely, thereby ensuring the safety of all the state’s motorists.

“I’m going into this appointment open-minded with the goal of making it easier for both physicians and citizens to understand the Bureau of Motor Vehicles,” he said.

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