Return to this page for regular community updates on the University of New England’s response to the current novel coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19. Below is a list of announcements that have been sent to the UNE community. Please note, due to the evolving nature of the situation, some of the below information may be out of date or no longer relevant.

For general information visit the Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus website and view the U.S. State Department Travel Advisories.

Download UNE Onward Operations Plan for Academic Year 2020-21 (Full Plan - PDF)


January 21, 2021: Student Surveillance Program Details (PDF)

January 21, 2021: Announcement of Voluntary Surveillance Testing Program (PDF)

January 19, 2021: Spring Return to Campus Reminders (PDF)

January 8, 2021: January Return to Campus Reminders (PDF)


December 14, 2020: Spring COVID Testing Protocols (PDF)

December 2, 2020: Campus Access Update (PDF)


November 30, 2020: Update on Pandemic Response (PDF)

November 12, 2020: Pre-Thanksgiving Break COVID-19 Testing Schedule (PDF)

November 2, 2020: COVID-19 Update (PDF)


October 27, 2020: Update on Featherman Hall (PDF)

October 23, 2020: Update on COVID-19 cases (PDF)

October 22, 2020: Update Regarding COVID-19 Cases and Housing (PDF)

October 2, 2020: Flu Shot Clinics Offered Throughout October


September 30, 2020: Update on COVID-19 and Fall Semester (PDF)

September 16, 2020: Update to Student Testing Protocols (PDF)

September 3, 2020: Update on UNE Undergraduate COVID-19 Cases (PDF)


August 31, 2020: Undergraduate COVID-19 Update for Employees (PDF)

August 31, 2020: Undergraduate COVID-19 Update (PDF)

August 28, 2020: Update on COVID-19 Testing and Reporting (PDF)

August 21, 2020: “UNE Onward” Operations Plan for Academic Year 2020-21 (Full Plan - 8/21 Update - PDF)

August 18, 2020: COVID-19 Attestation and Community Care Requirements for Students (PDF)


July 17, 2020: Announcement of CCC's Suspension of Fall Athletics Competition (PDF)

July 10, 2020: Letter to New Students on Plans for Fall Term 2020 (PDF)

July 10, 2020: Letter to Returning Students on Plans for Fall Term 2020 (PDF)

July 10, 2020: Announcement of “UNE Onward” Operations Plan for Academic Year 2020-21 (PDF)


June 5, 2020: Update on Summer and Fall Reopening Plans (PDF)

June 5, 2020: Phase I Return to Campus Plan for Employees (PDF)


May 28, 2020: Update on Reopening of Research Operations (PDF)

May 22, 2020: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) University of New England 30 Day Fund Report

May 18, 2020: Announcement of Virtual Graduation Events for Individual Colleges (PDF)

May 8, 2020: Announcement of Federal CARES Emergency Funds (PDF)

May 4, 2020: Announcement of Fall Reopening of UNE’s Maine Campuses (PDF)


April 14, 2020: Announcement of Creation of Contingency Planning Committee for AY 21 (PDF)

April 11, 2020: Extension of Temporary Telework/Flexwork Policy for Employees Until Further Notice (PDF)

April 6, 2020: Notice of UNE’s Decision not to Increase Tuition, Fees, Room and Board (PDF)

April 3, 2020: Notification of Process and Timeline for Requirement Completion and Degree Conferral (PDF)

April 1, 2020: Notice of UNE’s Compliance with State Stay-At-Home Orders (PDF)


March 30, 2020: Notice of Postponement of Commencement Events (PDF)

March 24, 2020: Notice for Employees of UNE’s Compliance with Maine and Portland Business Restrictions (PDF)

March 22, 2020: Notice of Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in the UNE Community (PDF)

March 19, 2020: Library Buildings Closed; Library Services Still Available (PDF)

March 19, 2020: Notice of Giving Day Cancellation for Alumni and Community (PDF)

March 18, 2020: Guidance on UNE Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

March 17, 2020: Update to Temporary Telework/Flexwork Policy (PDF)

March 17, 2020: Master List of all Student Support Services (PDF)

March 15, 2020: Outline of Online Academic Structure for Students (PDF)

March 15, 2020: Notice of Suspension of Campus Center/Bodywise Community Memberships (PDF) 

March 13, 2020: Instruction for UNE Undergraduate Programs Moving Online (with exceptions) (PDF)

March 14, 2020 Information for Faculty and Professional Staff about Online Educational Resources (PDF)

March 13, 2020: COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Professional Staff (PDF)

March 13, 2020: All Competitive Play for Athletics is Canceled for the Remainder of the Spring Season (PDF)

March 15, 2020: Notice on Temporary Telework/Flexwork Policy (PDF)

March 12, 2020: Travel Restrictions for Faculty and Professional Staff (PDF)

March 11, 2020: Community Update from President Herbert (PDF)

March 6, 2020: Update on University Response from the Provost (PDF)


February 27, 2020: Update from the Student Health Services medical director (PDF) 

February 27, 2020: Message to Students Studying Abroad (PDF)


January 30, 2020: Update from the Vice President for Health Affairs (PDF)

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