Headshot of Michael Beaudoin

Michael F. Beaudoin, Ed.D.

Professor Emeritus


On campus



U Mass-Amherst


Current research

Recently completed (now under review for journal publication) an 8500-word manuscript on the viability of consortia as means of developing & delivering distance education n developing countries.
Also, project leader for an international study of online learner competencies, being undertaken by the International Board for Standards, Training, Performance and Instruction. Study includes 250 respondents from US, Japan, Mexico & Israel. Expected completion in late 2008.

Selected publications

Journal article: Maximizing Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. Journal of Maine Education. Winter, 2008.

Book chapter: Reflections on the 'Invisible' learner, in: The Changing Learner landscape. Springer (2008).  

Journal manuscript under review: Consortia: A viable model and method for distance education in developing countries?  


Research interests

Distance education leadership; transition of classroom faculty to distance teaching; the "Invisible" online learner; supporting distance and face-to-face learners:any significant difference? Diffusion of online education in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Since 2004: Two books and numerous articles published in refereed journals

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