Student Health Insurance

  • As a full-time student, you are required to have health insurance. Please contact your health insurance company prior to attending UNE, as you may need referrals to be seen in either of the University's two health centers.
  • You have the option of purchasing health insurance through UNE. Our school insurance is supplied by United Health Care Student Resources. If you are a UNE student who has United Health Care Student Resources insurance, you may contact them at (800) 977-4698 to find out more. Insurance brochures are also available at the student billing department. Coverage is different for undergraduates as opposed to graduate students. For more information, see Student Health Insurance.
  • It is your responsibility as student to contact your insurance company to determine coverage, not the Student Health Center's responsibility.
  • All Student Health Services appointments are billed to your health insurance company.
  • Any services provided by reference laboratories, hospitals or other non-UNE facilities, are billed to your insurance company. Any remaining balance not covered by your insurance is your responsibility.