Clint Boone

Clint Boone '16

Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)


I have had an amazing experience during my time here. While at UNE, I valued being a part of a community of fellow students, alumni, and faculty that care for each other’s academic growth. This school has a lot of interprofessional opportunities and resources available to students to enhance the learning experience. UNE also provides many great networking opportunities with alumni in the working world. The professors here at UNE place students on a level playing field as themselves — I have never felt belittled by a professor because I was the student and he or she was the teacher. Instead, the professors treat us as fellow colleagues of the profession of physical therapy.

My favorite memory from my UNE D.P.T. experience is the times after class in the Musculoskeletal lab. This course was fun but required a lot of time outside to enforce the concepts we learned. Some weeks, my classmates and I would spend all weekend in the lab, but it did not feel like work at all. We would have a lot of fun learning in the lab, and we would not realize that we spent all day in the lab until we went home for the day. Who knew hard work could also be fun?

Welcoming Community

UNE simply had that “natural fit.” At other schools I interviewed at, I did not get the same vibe that I got here during my interview at UNE. I appreciated the small, tight-knit community of this campus and the fact that most other students would be health-related graduate students like myself. Moreover, the interview here was more relaxed than other schools I had interviews at. The professors here were not here to weed out weak interview candidates or spontaneously test my knowledge on the current hot topics in physical therapy. Rather, the professors at the interview just wanted to know who we were as students and individuals. And this still holds true today. Other students and I can simply walk into a professor’s office and talk about anything, even if it has nothing to do with school. The faculty is here is professional, but down-to-earth. In the end, I chose this school for the people.

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