Why Choose UNE: Faculty

Portrait of U N E student Siobhan Smith

The math faculty are here to help you. If I need to use their office hours for some extra help, that is absolutely no problem. The relationships you can build with your professors is definitely beneficial.

Applied Mathematics, Economics
Headshot of U N E student Peter Swanson

A lot of [my professors] stress the importance of guided gradual learning instead of just aiming for that perfect GPA. This is the thing that has helped me the most. They are here to mentor you.

Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Biophysics
Portrait photo of U N E student Anthony Johnson

I could go on and on about how great all of my professors are. My professors are always willing to help and are around during their office hours for extra support.

Medical Biology
Photo of U N E student Katie Bergin

Over time, I began to develop such strong professional and personal relationships [with my professors]. I wanted to learn from the best, and I was able to do that with my UNE education.

Headshot of U N E student Kaleigh Walsh

The professors take time to know you and create a nice learning environment. [UNE’s faculty and staff] are always pushing you to the best of your abilities. 

Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies/Pre-OT
Headshot of U N E student Summer Moukalled

The faculty are genuinely passionate about their practice and care about being our educators.

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
Headshot of U N E student Ari Telzerow

The professors and advisors at UNE go above and beyond to wholeheartedly support students.

Marine Affairs
Headshot of U N E student Chase Walter

[My professors] were very excited to further my education in ways beyond the scope of what is typically required.

Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)
Headshot of U N E student Kamy Pooler

The professors are great. They are really easy to build connections with. 

Animal Behavior, Marine Science
U N E Student Sidney Lyytikainen

One thing I really appreciate about UNE is just how close and personal the professors are.

Animal Behavior
Headshot of U N E student Aryn Morgan

The faculty are doing a great job highlighting social and ethical issues related to medicine during class.

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
Headshot of U N E student Will Szumita

We have really knowledgeable and helpful faculty and staff. They are just awesome to work with and super fun to engage with.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Headshot of U N E sustainability and business student Ariana Walker

At a school where there are huge classes, you aren’t going to get the time with your professors, so you aren’t going to get the same education that you can get at UNE.

Sustainability and Business
Luke Colomey stands against a brick wall and smiles directly at the camera

Since UNE is a small school, the professors are really able to have great relationships with their students and take a lot of time with them. They really know what they are talking about and seem excited about it. They are people that I wanted to learn from.

Business Administration, English, Political Science
Devin Jozokos stands in front of a decorated metal doorway in Morocco, smiling at the camera

I have never had a bad professor at UNE. I would say that my favorite thing about UNE is how wonderful the professors are.

Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)
Headshot of Ashley Carroll

The faculty was a major support for students and was always available for help and support.

Social Work (M.S.W.)
Carly Woolard
The professors take notice of students’ interests and want to support those interests. I feel very supported personally, and I can see that other students do too.
Headshot of Amber Hoffmeyer
We have a collaborative relationship with the faculty. They really treat us more like colleagues than students.
Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)
Don Walk stands smiling directly at the camera

My professors are so much fun in the classroom. You can tell that they’re really passionate. They listen to students and adjust their teaching styles. They really go above and beyond to make it feasible for us to comprehend difficult subjects.

Medical Biology
Susan McHugh
I’ve never taught a class larger than 25 students here, which is really nice. I feel like I get to know all of my students on a personal level, which is lovely.
Headshot of Megan DeMorris

All of the professors have been absolutely amazing, and I don't think that you find that at a lot of places. The professors and advisors that I have go out of their way to assist me and make me comfortable and a priority.

Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies/Pre-OT
Alison Stanley

Each faculty member knows you by name and facilitates your individual growth into a competent member of the healthcare team.

Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
Testimonial Place Holder
Since UNE is a smaller school, the professors in my department have plenty of time to dedicate to my specific learning experience.
Testimonial Place Holder

All of my professors were great at what they teach and have a passion for what they do. Their passion for art spills over into the classroom and makes the classes that much more enjoyable, even for those who aren't art majors.

Art Education K-12
Testimonial Place Holder

The professors I have had the opportunity to work with and take courses with have been fantastic. They are down-to-earth, very personable, approachable, and they seem to be willing and available to help any student who needs it.