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Katie Guerin ’21

Dental Hygiene (4-Year B.S.)

I have grown so much since becoming a student here at UNE, and I am beyond thankful to be here because my life has completely changed for the better. I have been inspired by all the opportunities this University has to offer.

I am proud to say I am involved on campus as an Undergraduate Admissions campus tour guide, a peer teacher, and the Habitat for Humanity treasurer. I keep busy, and it can be hard work, but it keeps me involved by making connections with people. I have met so many incredible people here on campus that I have been inspired by in so many ways.

A Welcoming Community

I can remember walking on campus, just a shy senior in high school, and automatically felt a rush of enthusiasm, school spirit, and love. I walked into what seemed to be the biggest building I have ever seen, the Herald Alfond Forum, for the Accepted Students Day, and there were so many people it was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure how my tour was going to go, and I was slightly nervous. We started to walk around campus, and everywhere I looked there were students smiling and people welcoming us as our tour group walked by. I felt less nervous and more excited to learn about what this school has to offer. I knew that this school was different from all the other schools I toured prior. It is something special. It is home. No matter where I looked, someone was always there to smile, wave, and have a conversation with.

UNE is not just a school where you go and take your classes, study for exams, and that’s it. It is so much more. Students at UNE are a family. The faculty and staff are incredible because they are here for the students' success. They want us to learn and grow as individuals and become the best that we can be. There is so much support and love on this campus that I can’t picture myself anywhere else. This is my home away from home.