Headshot of U N E student Viriginia May

Virginia May ’24

Environmental Science


The [UNE] campus is so gorgeous and the location is amazing. I could just tell that the community and atmosphere would be a place that I wanted to study. There is so much to explore on campus and beyond. There’s some really beautiful spots and community members on campus.

As an aspiring environmental scientist I looked at the sustainability of the campus and I got a really good impression of it.

Beyond the Classroom

Through clubs and classes, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with [UNE’s Office of Sustainability]. For instance, I’ve helped out with proposals for decreasing carbon emissions and eliminating fossil fuels from our campus. A lot of the [environmental science and climate change] classes that I’ve been in were actually the ones that had professors and students collaborate with and propose solutions to sustainability administration.

I love how on-the-ground and student-involved the sustainability initiatives are on campus — I think that is what sets UNE apart. Whether it’s through courses or student research that directly influences the sustainability of campus, it’s all interconnected. I’m up at the wee hours of the morning doing chestnut tree research. Some people are waking up to study and count birds.

I also enjoy working in the community gardens and greenhouses on campus. Additionally, I’m part of the Honeybee Conservation Club where we have our own beehives here.