Opportunities for Action

Whether you’re a veteran conservationist looking to bring your passion for sustainability to the next level or you’re just starting to feel the “green itch” and want to explore small ways that you can live a more environmentally passionate lifestyle, UNE has just the opportunity for you.

From harvesting honey from UNE’s beehives with the Honeybee Conservation Club to volunteering for a beach clean-up day, serving as a work-study Eco-Rep, or earning a Sustainability Leadership Badge, there are a multitude of ways on campus to translate your commitment into meaningful action.

And opportunities are not limited to students. Service on the University’s Environmental Council is open to students, faculty, and professional staff alike, while our Green Office Program engages all members of UNE’s offices — from senior leadership to student workers and interns — to create workplace communities that value environmental stewardship.

Discover how you would like to leave your green mark on campus.

Meet Jasmine ’23

A UNE Sustainability Intern

Opportunities for Support

Do you support sustainability but don’t have the time to volunteer, join a club, farm a community garden plot, or take on an internship? There are plenty of opportunities on campus for people like you who want to take small steps toward a greener life. UNE makes it easy to:

I love how on-the-ground and involved the sustainability initiatives are on campus — I think that is what sets UNE apart. Whether it’s through courses or student research that directly influences the sustainability of campus, it’s all interconnected.” — Virginia May ’24

For more ideas on how you can make a difference, contact Assistant Director of Sustainability Alethea Cariddi at acariddi@une.edu or (207) 602-2507.