School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO)

The School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO) promotes a sense of community among students in the program, and gives voice to MSW students. We hold regular meetings, plan educational and social events, and connect with students in other academic departments at UNE. Members of our group sit on the WCHP Graduate and Professional Association governing board, and attend School of Social Work meetings.

We provide a platform through which you can make your voice heard and organize with peers to affect change within the School and within UNE. We also help plan the yearly commencement celebration for the graduating Social Work class.

When you enroll in the School of Social Work, you automatically become a member of the SSWSO, and we encourage you to become actively involved through participating in our various Committees. These include committees dedicated to:

  • Social Events
  • Orientation
  • Self Care
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Commencement
  • Social Work Appreciation Month

As a member of the SSWSO you are also invited to participate in the monthly School Meeting of all Social Work faculty and staff, and to participate on the following faculty committees:

  • Curriculum
  • Admissions
  • Student Development
  • Alumni
  • Program Assessment

Why join the SSSWSO?

  • Promote communication and community.
  • Develop planning and facilitation skills.
  • Advance your own and other students’ interests.
  • Raise awareness of social justice issues on campus.
  • Network with students in other cohorts and programs.
  • Have fun!

SSSWSO participation may count toward your Field Practicum, with the approval of your Field Advisor and Field Instructor, according to these guidelines:

  • If you play a leading role in the organization, you may count two hours per month toward your practicum.
  • If you participate on a committee and attend the monthly School Meeting, you may count four hours per month toward your practicum.
  • If you participate on two committees and attend the monthly School Meeting, you may count six hours per month toward your practicum.
  • The maximum number of hours per month you may count from this category is eight.
  • Participation is written into your Field Learning Contract.


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Student Organization Officers and Meeting Times


Abi Maycock 

Vice President(s)
Christine Brome

Erin King

Elizabeth Arsenault 

GAPSA Counselor
Lila Maycock 

GAPSA Senator
Aschel Gregory 

Geoff Brewer 

Faculty Advisor
Frank Brooks