Assessment CSWE

UNE’s School of Social Work uses CSWE’s AS 4(M) Accreditation approved form to report its most recent assessment outcomes for each program option (campus and online). Assessment is completed annually and the results are promptly published on the website.

The purpose of the report is

  • To evaluate previous actions that were taken in response to the assessment of student learning and determine their level of success
  • To identify and examine assessment results for the most strategic or compelling learning outcomes for this year
  • To document the findings of this year’s assessments and propose to take actions that will improve student learning

Assessment Process

The School of Social Work’s assessment procedure is conducted every academic year and begins with the collection of course assignment information from the online and campus faculty who develop and teach the generalist practice curriculum and the specialized practice curriculum (Integrated Clinical Practice)

The required generalist practice courses in both the online and campus program options are:

  1. SSW 501 Human Behavior & the Social Environment I 
  2. SSW 502 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II
  3. SSW 503 Social Work Research 
  4. SSW 504 Action Research for Social Work Practice
  5. SSW 505 Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy 
  6. SSW 510 Social Work Practice I
  7. SSW 511 Social Work Practice II
  8. SSW 571 Social Work Practice with Groups
  9. SSW 520 Field Practicum I/Seminar
  10. SSW 522 Field Practicum II/Seminar

The required Integrated Clinical Practice courses in both the online and campus program options are:

  1. SSW 552 Contemporary Theories of Social Work Practice: Individuals and Families
  2. SSW 553 Advanced Social Work Practice with Families
  3. SSW 597 Advanced Psychosocial Assessment
  4. SSW 565 Leadership, Administration and Supervision in Social Work
  5. SSW 580 Field Practicum III/Seminar
  6. SSW 582 Field Practicum IV/Seminar

Two measures, course assignments/activities, and a field competency are chosen to assess each of the nine social work competencies for the curriculum in both program options (campus and online). The measures chosen for each competency are linked to one or more of the competency dimensions by the School’s faculty. When choosing the two measures for each competency, the School ensured that all four dimensions of the competency were being addressed by the measures (when considered together). In this way, the School’s assessment plan measures all four dimensions of each competency. Assessment was completed on June 15, 2022.

Results reveal that UNE M.S.W. students are meeting or exceeding the benchmark for all required EPAS competencies.

For the detailed report, download UNE’s Annual Program Assessment of Student Learning Report (2021–2022) (PDF)

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