We advance the mission of the University of New England by enhancing public understanding and pride; engaging alumni and friends; and developing and strengthening lifelong philanthropic relationships.


We seek to optimize the entrepreneurial nature of our university by creating unparalleled opportunities to enhance the University's image and ensure adequate resources.


It starts with me

  • I am curious, agile, and creative.
  • The mission matters deeply to me.
  • I am unafraid to fail because I will fail forward and learn from my mistakes.

Our best work is done together

  • We are aspirational, donor-centric, and collaborative.
  • We learn from one another, celebrate our success, and embrace the journey.

Organizing Principles

To achieve our mission, Institutional Advancement is organized around and evaluates itself against five fundamental principles:

  • The mission and aspirations of the University of New England drive all we do.
  • We integrate marketing and communication, alumni, and stakeholder engagement and giving programs to optimize impact institution-wide.
  • We focus on long-term, sustainable progress and create and drive the next best practices.
  • We create myriad opportunities for authentic engagement.
  • We develop and value high-performing, collaborative, trust-based teams.