A Transformational Moment for Our University

In this time of rapid change, every one of us has an important part to play in lighting a pathway to a brighter future. At the University of New England, we feel an obligation to step up and meet the high stakes of this societal moment by addressing the big challenges on everybody’s mind — through bold initiatives and steady leadership.

Doing Our Part is a new comprehensive campaign that represents a profoundly transformational moment for our University. Through strategic, student-centric investments in our programs and campuses, this campaign will enable UNE to provide an unmatched educational experience. We will further our ability to empower UNE’s students, so they can realize their full potential and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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Campaign Priorities

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Bringing Quality Health Care to More People and Communities

We’re doing our part by moving UNE’s College of Osteopathic Medicine to our Portland Campus, where it will join an interprofessional hub of allied health professions programs. We’re building a nexus of health care education and research like nothing else in New England. We’ll educate more providers, with 21st century skills, to provide collaborative team-based care, improve patient outcomes, and support the health of underserved communities. 

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Promoting Science for a Healthier Planet

We’re doing our part by giving students and scientists in our nationally recognized Marine and Environmental programs the tools and facilities they need to tackle pressing issues from food insecurity to climate change.

One example is the planned four-season pier that will allow students and faculty to be on the water throughout the year. The pier will enhance groundbreaking research into critical problems facing Maine, while also strengthening UNE’s ability to meet vital workforce needs in the marine sector.

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Expanding Access to the Life-changing Benefits of a UNE Education

We’re doing our part by making a UNE education available to more students, and ensuring that all students feel a strong sense of belonging on our campuses. 

Financial Aid is very often the deciding factor for prospective students when choosing which university to attend. Presidential Excellence Scholarships will transform financial aid opportunities for highly capable students based on merit as well as need.


Transforming the Student Experience and Unleashing Aspirations

We’re doing our part by transforming the undergraduate student experience, creating a slate of timely new academic majors, fostering a culture of lively debate, and building new experiential learning spaces — creative hubs for innovation.

The University of New England has created a new College of Business to house its current business program offerings plus several new programs in development that are consistent with in-demand careers and industry standards. UNE currently offers undergraduate majors in business administration, sport and recreation management, sustainability and business, and marine entrepreneurship.

Two C O M students looking at a machine
Students work on projects in UNE's P.D. Merrill Makerspace
Two students testing technology in the biology lab
A U N E student adjusts some netting in a field
Marine Science students on the beach

At UNE, we’re fortunate that a combination of history, foresight, valued partnerships, and the fact that we are a nimble institution, has left us poised to make a difference in this troubled world: our core strengths are perfectly aligned with the needs of this societal moment. We’ve come a long way in our 200-year journey to becoming Maine’s largest private university, always remaining focused on our mission and cognisant of the trust our community has placed in us. Now we must take this next step in our evolution, to empower our students to go out in the world and make multiple positive impacts. This world needs every single one of them, and every single one of us. There is no more urgent time for all of us to do our part.” — James D. Herbert, UNE President