M.S. in Biological Sciences Curriculum

Curricular Requirements

Program Required Courses Credits
BIO 503 - Research Methods 3
BIO 510 - Graduate Seminar 1
BIO 500 - Level Graduate Topics in Biological Sciences 12+*
Electives - Additional Coursework 6*
BIO 590 - Thesis/Research 12 Minimum
Minimum Total Credits 36
BIO 595 - Thesis Writing/Data Analysis (taken after 36 credits completed) 1
BIO 599 - Masters Thesis 0

*Biological Sciences M.S. students may request to substitute research credits for coursework with approval from their thesis advisor. A formal written request must be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee (GPC), including a justification for the request. If approved by the GPC, students will submit a Course Substitution Form (available on the Registrar's webpage), which requires approval by the School of Biological Sciences Academic Director and by the CAS Dean, to the Registrar in preparation for graduation.

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