CAS Core Requirements (excluding mathematics; 39-42 credits required) Credits
Program Required Courses  
MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences 3
MAT 190 - Calculus I 4
MAT 195 - Calculus II 4
MAT 200 - Calculus III 4
MAT 212 - Applied Discrete Mathematics 3
MAT 220 - Applied Linear Algebra 3
MAT 225 - Computer Programming w/ MATLAB 3
MAT 315 - Applied Mathematics w/ Differential Equations 3
MAT 321 - Applied Statistics I 3
MAT 323 - Applied Statistics II 3
MAT 400 - Real Analysis 3

MAT 480 - Mathematics Research Seminar* 


MAT 490 Topics in Mathematics

Mathematics and/or Science electives at level 300 or above 6-8
Program Minimum Required Total Credits 45-47
Open Elective Courses (needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

*Students who are inclined toward and have demonstrated the potential for research will have the option to take MAT 480 Mathematics Research Seminar instead of MAT 490 Topics in Mathematics. 

Students wishing to pursue teacher certification in Math can complete a double major with Applied Mathematics and Secondary Education or a major in Secondary Education and a concentration in Applied Mathematics. For more information, see the Secondary Education catalog page.

Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.

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