One of the hallmarks of our Psychology program is the extensive network of internship opportunities that we have built over the years. As a psychology student, you will complete at least one internship during either your junior or senior year. Working with your faculty advisor and the psychology internships coordinator, you identify a site, then take the theories, practices, and knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom out into applied settings.

We have a well-developed network of sites for these training experiences and work to match you to an experience that fits your interests. You can also work with our internship coordinator to identify new internship sites that best match your career goals. Internships provide you with the opportunity to learn experientially and to explore different career directions. In fact, many elect to complete a second internship to gain additional experience, and internships often lead to the first jobs after graduation.

Internship Sites

Our recent Psychology majors have pursued internships at the following sites:

Mental Health with Children

Mental Health with Teens

Mental Health with Adults

Mental Health with Families

Education and Special Education


Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology/Government



To learn more about the internship experiences that our students have completed in recent semesters, check out our blog.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact psychology internship coordinator:

Linda Morrison, Ph.D.
325 Decary Hall
(207) 602-2865

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