B.A. in Global Studies

Are you looking for a major that takes you places you never thought possible? Global Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws from at least ten disciplines. Rooted in humanities and social sciences, you learn multiple ways of approaching global problems, issues, cultures, and relations. You graduate exposed to various ways to study the world and depth in two regional concentrations.

Program Overview

Get ready to give your passport a workout. Whether you’ve been bitten by the travel bug or are just curious about expanding your cultural horizons, UNE’s Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies will give you experiences you’ll never forget. And with nearly three out of four U.S. employers seeking new employees who are knowledgeable in international cultures, your degree will give you the global fluency and multidimensional perspective needed to succeed in the workforce. So explore a fjord in Iceland, gaze upon the Mona Lisa in Paris, cross the Moroccan desert on camel-back, or engage in the seemingly endless nightlife in Seville. Your adventures await you.

Why UNE for Global Studies

Uniquely equipped for Global Studies, UNE has its own international campus in Tangier, Morocco, situated at a crossroads of civilizations that blends the languages, religions, and cultures of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. It’s no wonder that UNE students travel abroad at five times the national average.

  • Select two semester-long programs (Morocco, Spain, France, and Iceland) or one semester and 12 travel course credits
  • No additional cost for study abroad
  • Choose two regional concentrations
  • Internships available in Morocco and Spain
  • Senior capstone thesis
  • Lab sciences offered in Morocco and Spain
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A piece of my heart will always remain in the ancient Inca ruins found at every turn.
Medical Biology


The Global Studies major offers three different regional concentrations. You will select two on which to focus your studies.

  • Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Africa and the Middle East

Examples of Available Courses

There are many ways you can navigate this major. The following are some examples of the exciting courses that you can take:

  • International Political Economy
  • Society, Population, and the Environment: A Global Perspective
  • Tangier — Crossroads of Civilization
  • Rebellion and Revolution in 20th Century Latin America
  • Caribbean Sustainable Development
  • Middle East and North Africa Through Film
  • Center for Global Humanities Seminar

For more information, contact Kenneth Courtney, Ph.D., Global Studies coordinator at kcourtney1@une.edu or (207) 602-2156

Meet our faculty and professional staff

Learn about the Center for Global Humanities Seminar


In an increasingly globalized world, cross-cultural fluency has never been more valuable. We give you the tools and knowledge to relate to global issues and diverse populations. By honing foreign language skills and acquiring greater intercultural competence through your travels and internships, you will be prepared to assume leadership roles in a variety of fields. Potential professions include:

  • Policy Expert
  • Elected Official
  • International Attorney
  • Teacher
  • U.S. Foreign Service Agent
  • Consultant
  • Nonprofit Administrator
  • International Businessperson
  • Global Health Care Provider

Employers seek employees with skills and experience in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and ability to adapt to new environments and challenges. As a Global Studies major, you will be well prepared to apply your knowledge to these skill sets desired. You will be able to speak on the value of your extensive study-abroad and foreign language experience and be a strong applicant for business, non-profit, teaching, and government environments.

How Does Global Studies Relate to Other Majors, Minors?

Have you already declared a major and/or minor and wondering how adding a focus in Global Studies will correlate to the career path of your current major? Here are a few examples:

Program + Global Studies Potential Careers
History + Global Studies International History Professor, Archivist, Foreign Services, Reporter, Civil Service, Cultural Officer
Pre-Med Biology + Global Studies Medical Career Abroad (i.e., Doctors Without Borders, PeaceCorp, International Medical Corps)
Business + Global Studies International Trade, International Hotel Administrator, International Account Manager
Marine Sciences + Global Studies Global careers through companies such as Earthwatch, Nature Conservancy, Oceana

Any of the possible career choices can also be done in the U.S.


Career Advising

Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, Career Advising is here to help you plan your next step.

Global Education

See The World

Global experiences are the cornerstone of the Global Studies major.

You are required to spend two full semesters abroad or spend one full semester and acquire a minimum of 12 travel course credits. Choose from our programs in Morocco, Spain, France, and Iceland. You may even complete an internship abroad. Our shorter, faculty-led travel courses include exciting trips to Cuba, Mexico, Iceland, Italy, and Kenya.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Morocco Campus

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Experiential Learning

Hands-On Activities

This multidisciplinary program exposes you to global issues, problems, cultures, and relations through the lenses of the humanities, social sciences, business, and more. But there is no better view than the one through your own eyes. When it comes to cultural competencies, we believe in learning by doing.

  • Engage in multiple travel-abroad experiences
  • Participate in global internships for culturally immersive on-the-job experiences
  • Conduct original research in an area of interest for your senior capstone thesis
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As a Global Studies major, you are highly encouraged to complete a globally-oriented internship. Our Academic and Career Advising Center will work with you to find the right opportunity to suit your interests. You may consider an internship in a number of fields, including:

  • Diplomacy
  • Law
  • Trade
  • Social and Environmental Nonprofits