Minor Description

A minor in Sociology provides students with a broad-base exposure to theories and methods, as well as a wide range of current social issues. Students receive extensive experiential learning opportunities as well. These academic and experiential foundations prepare the student for a wide range of academic and professional opportunities. This minor can help students pursue careers in a variety including sociology, social work, law, economics, environmental studies, and public health. Careers are also available in criminology as well as many other areas of social and public service.


A student with a major in another program may minor in Sociology with the permission of the academic director. Eighteen hours of approved course work is required for the Minor in Sociology. The requirements are as follows:

Required Courses for Sociology Minor Credits
SOC 150 – Introduction to Sociology 3
Three (3) Sociology courses at the 200 level or higher 9
One (1) Sociology course at the 300 level or higher 3
One (1) Soc. Anthropology, or Archeology course 3
Total 18