To complete the Minor in Anthropology students must complete six (6) three (3) credit courses in Anthropology. Four of these six courses must be completed at the University of New England. Two courses (noted below) are required of all minors. The electives may come from a variety of fields depending on the specific course. In all, three of these four electives must be in Anthropology (including Archaeology). Any course with an ANT or ARC prefix will count toward the minor. Students may count courses taken in the Core Curriculum as part of the minor. One course (other than SOC 370) must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Students must take:

Credits (18 total required)

ANT 102 - Cultural Anthropology 3
ANT 370/SOC 370 - Applied Field Methods 3
And choose four (4) electives from the following: Credits
ARC 190 - Cultures Through Archaeology 3
ANT 118 - Applied Anthropology 3
ANT 211 - Medical Anthropology 3
ANT 224 - Forensic Anthropology/Human Rights 3
ANT 230 - Anthropology in Latin American and the Caribbean 3
ANT 231 - Culture and Society in the Middle East 3
ANT 312 - Human Trafficking 3
ANT 425 - Sex/Gender/Sexuality Critical Perspective 3
Courses that could be used as electives with pre-approval: Credits
ENV 200 - Society, Population and Environment: A Global Perspective 3
HIS 210 - Race and Ethnicity Latin America 3
SOC 210 - Displaced Cultures and Society 3
SOC 265 - Social Issues Problem Global World 3
SOC 290 - British Cultural Studies 3
SOC 331 - Latin American Society and Culture Through Cinema 3

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