Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) are year-long, cohort or topic-based communities of practice that give support, feedback, and encouragement while each faculty member pursues a project of choice that involves improving student outcomes. FLCs are neither committees nor workshops. Research has shown that FLCs are not only extremely effective mechanisms for faculty learning, they are also enriching social experiences. FLCs engage complex problems, energize and empower participants, nourish scholarly teaching and create an awareness of the complexity of teaching and learning.


  • Operate from January to December each year
  • May be included in service or teaching for Renewal/Promotion/Tenure (RPT)
  • Meet every 2 weeks while your college is in session (January–May/September–December)
  • Receive books (1 for each participant) and a $3,000 budget (for each FLC)
  • Have food at each meeting

We welcome inquiries and questions about FLCs and the application process. Please contact Marc Ebenfield at 602-2845 or mebenfield@une.edu.

CETL Teaching Scholars Program


UNE seeks to build a culture of teaching excellence by expanding practices already shown to be effective at UNE and recognizing the faculty who employ these practices. The Teaching Scholars Program identifies individuals who have achieved demonstrable success in the classroom, are committed to furthering their understanding of the art and science of teaching and to sharing their success for the benefit of other faculty, programs, and students. Teaching scholars are required to facilitate an FLC during or subsequent to their tenure as teaching scholars.     


  • Recognize best practices at UNE for engaged, active, and experiential learning
  • Proliferate stories of active, engaged, experiential learning to create a culture of interactive learning among faculty and students
  • Increase use of active/experiential teaching practices based on empirically proven methods supported by the science of learning
  • Research teaching practices to inform and deepen current understanding of the science of learning
  • Provide resources, infrastructure, and support for teaching practices that retain students, promote greater achievement of learning outcomes, and create welcoming, equitable learning environments
  • Promote and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning both internally and externally


Teaching Scholars will receive:

  • A stipend or course release (as desired/possible from you and your department’s perspective) 
  • Assistance from CETL
  • Up to $1,000 in funding to assist in your teaching and/or scholarship project
  • Access to competitive travel funding (maximum of $4,000 available per year) 
  • Lunch seminars with other teaching scholars

Proposed Activities 

Teaching scholars will: 

  • Facilitate an FLC in a teaching methodology in which you have expertise (kick-off meeting and biweekly meetings with FLC) 
  • Advance a pedagogy project by expanding its application and/or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning work (can be same as FLC project) 
  • Work with CETL to promote the teaching methodology through other venues (online resources, workshops, seminars)
  • Meet with other teaching scholars monthly 

We welcome inquiries and questions about the Teaching Scholar Program and the application process. Please contact Marc Ebenfield at 602-2845 or mebenfield@une.edu.

Teaching Scholar Program Application Instructions 

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