Individual Consultations

  • We are available to work with you on exploring ways to improve or liven up your teaching. 
  • We can sit down with you and confidentially review your course evaluations and explore interventions. 
  • We can conduct classroom observations of your teaching with feedback privately shared with you. 
  • If you have a pedagogical question (e.g., How to teach a controversial topic?) but no time to look into the literature, we can do that for you.
  • If you are preparing for RPT review and not sure how to address the teaching section of your narrative, we can help you.
  • If you are interested in exploring how your research and teaching could be packaged together to explore scholarship of teaching and learning, come see us — plus we have annual grants to fund such projects.

Department and College Consultations

  • Workshops can be delivered at the department or college level. ​If your college or department would like to learn more about a teaching technique or practice, let us know and we will work with you. Past workshops have included:
    • How to facilitate discussion
    • How to get your students to be prepared for class
    • Writing effective multiple-choice questions
    • Mapping assessments
    • Critical thinking
    • Classroom response systems
    • Creative teaching strategies
    • What is best educational practice?
  • Would your department or college like to feature a teaching strategy that you use? We can collaborate on developing a video that is uploaded onto our website for colleagues across UNE, the country and even the world to view.
  • Would your department or college want to know more about a teaching technique, software, etc. or what the research says on a particular teaching topic? We can research it for you.
  • Would your department or college want some orientation videos designed for your faculty? We have developed some on online instruction for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies and could do the same for you.

Hosting Events 

  • Drop-in and Learn events are held monthly during the fall and spring semesters. Each Drop-in and Learn is focused on pedagogy (e.g., “Modifying your lecture to increase active learning”) or software (e.g. Explain Everything) and you literally can “drop-in” for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more for an introduction. Handouts and follow-up tutorials are accessible through our website to continue to learn and try out new techniques.
  • In May after the spring semester has ended, a national speaker is brought to campus to conduct a workshop focused on one of the top pedagogical needs identified by faculty. In 2015, the topic was “Flipping the Classroom,” in 2016 it was “Critical Thinking Unmasked: How to infuse it into a discipline-based course" and in 2018 in was "Terms of Engagement: Understanding and Promoting Student Engagement in Today's University Classroom."
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning mini-grants are awarded annually. If you are interested in researching an area of your teaching that may impact student learning, motivation and/or retention, this grant program would be most helpful in providing you support.

Offering Resources at your fingertips

  • Monday Morning Mentors involves a selected 20-minute video sent out each week to the faculty on a particular pedagogical topic. These videos are pulled from a larger collection developed by Magna Publications in which we hold a subscription with a link listed on the UNE library website. Thus you have access to all videos at any time. The database includes more than 120 videos, beginning with “20 Minute Mentor Commons.”
  • Lending Library with more than 100 books is available to you. These books can be checked out from the Portland or Biddeford CETL office.
  • Web-based resources are available focusing on:
    • Designing your course including developing learning outcomes and syllabi.
    • Teaching your course including tips on developing more effective PowerPoint’s, how to use Twitter in the classroom, what is Just-in-Time Teaching, etc. and many tutorials that will walk you through using software such as Poll Everywhere or Explain Everything or Tube Chop and more.
    • Assessing student learning outcomes, including background on formative and summative assessment, developing more effective multiple-choice test items and developing rubrics.

Badge Development Support

We are available to help you turn your idea for a badging program into learning opportunity and resource for the UNE community. Learn more on the UNE Badging Program website.

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