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Good teaching is grounded in an iterative cycle of design and redesign that keeps your courses fresh and current. Use these teaching resources categories to help you with this process.

Teaching Effectiveness Framework

The UFA Academic Advisory Committee collaborated with CETL in designing a teaching effectiveness framework. The framework provides faculty members clarity on aspects of teaching to present and discuss in their portfolios. It also indicates areas where departments, schools, colleges, and the university need to provide support to help faculty members achieve excellence.

We recognize that many colleges are reviewing the way in which faculty evaluations are conducted. This framework could provide a foundation when determining what should be evaluated by mechanisms such as peer review, student evaluations, and the RPT portfolio. The framework does not change policies or requirements related to RPT. It simply establishes a common understanding of aspects of effective teaching and assists in developing a common language for its discussion. UFA approved the teaching effectiveness framework as a resource on September 15, 2021.

View the Mapping CETL Programs to Teaching Effectiveness Framework (PDF)

Blended Learning Guide

CETL created a blended learning guide to help during the pandemic. It covers the basics of hybrid and blend-sync teaching methods and explains the different types of blended learning including flipped, hyflex, and more.


The Brightspace SharePoint site contains resources to guide you through the transition including workshop dates and recordings, links to support materials, and other essentials

The Brightspace Training Course gives you the student view and allows you to explore all things Brightspace — from Module creation to Gradebook.

Continuity Technology Resource Site

The Continuity Technology Resources SharePoint site was co-created by CETL and ITS to provide essential information on remote teaching and learning. It continues to serve as a resource on the basics of Zoom, Assessment, and remote instruction.

Lending Library

CETL hosts a lending library of more than 100 books. You can use LibraryThing to search by subject, title, or author. Once you enter the site, you also can click on the book to read a summary.


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