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Honorary Degree Recipients


Judy Glickman Lauder

Judy Glickman Lauder is an internationally recognized photographer, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Her work is held in private collections and public institutions around the world, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and the United States Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC. She is represented by the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City.

A number of her photographs were recently published by the Aperture Foundation in a book titled Beyond the Shadows: The Holocaust and the Danish Exception (2018). These photographs are also the subject of two traveling exhibitions, Holocaust: The Presence of the Past and Resistance and Rescue: Denmark’s Response to the Holocaust, which have been shown at more than two hundred institutions around the world. Other books include Upon Reflection: Photographs by Judy Ellis Glickman (2012) and Both Sides of the Camera: Photographs from the Collection of Judith Ellis Glickman (2007), as well as a book on the work of her father, For the Love of It: The Photography of Irving Bennett Ellis (2008).

Ms. Glickman Lauder serves on the board of trustees of the Portland Museum of Art and is a member of both the Getty Museum Photographic Council and the Photographic Visiting Committee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, she is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

She is a longtime benefactor of the University of New England.

Ms. Glickman Lauder is married to Leonard A. Lauder, chairman emeritus of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. In 2016 the Lauders received the Gordon Parks Patron of the Arts Award.

Born in Oakland, California, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA. She later studied photography there, as well as at the Maine Photographic Workshops and the Maine College of Art.

The University will also award an Honorary Degree to 2019 Commencement Speaker Governor Janet Mills. For more information about Governor Mills, visit the Speaker page.

Previous Honorary Degree Recipients


  • Catherine A. Sanderson, Ph.D., Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology), Amherst College, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Freeman A. Hrabowski III, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, Jr., Professor, Emory University & Director of the Religion Department, Chautauqua Institution, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Michael McCarthy, Principal, King Middle School, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Gregory W. Powell, J.D., CEO/President of Dexter Enterprises, Inc, & Chairman of the Harold Alfond Foundation, Honorary Doctor of Laws


  • Wesley McNair, Poet Laureate of Maine, Honorary Doctor of Letters


  • Chellie Pingree, U.S. Representative, Honorary Doctor of Laws
  • Theodora J. Kalikow, Ph.D., Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Michael Michaud, U.S. Representative, Honorary Doctor of Laws


  • Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D, Honorary Doctor of Science


  • Dr. Rita Colwell, Honorary Doctor of Science


  • Former Governor John McKernan, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Dr. Victor McKusick, Honorary Doctor of Science
  • Vincent McKusick, Honorary Doctor of Laws


  • Neil Rolde, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Bernard Osher, Doctor of Laws


  • Paul Wescott, Doctor of Laws
  • A. Leroy Greason, Ph D, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Claire Van Ummersen, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Ambassador Aziz Mekouar, Doctor of Laws


  • Ambassador Christopher R. Thomas, Honorary Doctor of Laws


  • Daniel Wathen (speaker), Doctor of Laws
  • Bettsanne Holmes, Doctor of Laws
  • Wilma Redman, Doctor of Laws


  • Congressman Tom Allen (speaker), U.S. Congressman, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Rev. Franklin Littell, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Owen Wells, Doctor of Laws


  • Jack S. Ketchum, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • William Cotter, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Susan Collins (speaker), U.S. Senator from Maine, Doctor of Laws
  • Laurence Ianni, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Si Kahn, Ph.D., Doctor of Health Sciences


  • Admiral Jack Hayes, Doctor of Laws


University Campus:

  • Marvin Wachman, Ph.D. (speaker), Chancellor, Temple University, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Rev. James Ronan, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters

Westbrook College Campus:

  • Patrick Swygert (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Mary Grefe, Doctor of Laws


  • Olympia Snowe (speaker), U.S. Senator from Maine, Doctor of Laws
  • Barbara Weisberger, Founder of Pennsylvania Ballet, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Judge Raymond Broderick, Federal Judge, Doctor of Laws


  • Judith Isaacson (speaker), Holocaust Survivor, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Mary Sarton, Author/Poet, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Charlene Rydell, State Legislator, Doctor of Laws
  • Alexander Theroux, Author, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Sister Priscille Roy, Missonary, Doctor of Laws


  • Rev. John Brooks (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Antonine Maillet, Ph.D., Doctor of Laws


  • Thomas Andrews (speaker), Doctor of Laws
  • Louis Rabineau, Ed.D. , Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Robert Gardiner, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Dorothy Cotton (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • James Williams, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Rudolfo Anaya, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Marie Gadsden, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Nancy T. Watts, Ph.D. , Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Honorable Robert E. White, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • George Mitchell (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Gene Leroy Schwilck, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Wilson Hurley, L.L.D., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Andrew McGuire (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • A. Poulin, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Gavin Ruotolo, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Dr. David Matthews (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Dr. Audrey Cohen, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Marian Wright Edelman Daniel B. Merriam, Master of Humane Letters
  • Matina Souretis Horner, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Dodge Morgan (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Anthony Gelardi & Paul Gelardi Doctor of Economics
  • James L. Moody Jr., Doctor of Economics


  • Wilma Pearl Mankiller (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Associate Justice Caroline D. Glassman, Doctor of Laws
  • Ms. Eunice Spooner, Master of Humane Letters


  • Governor Joseph E. Brennan (speaker), Doctor of Economics
  • Francis T. Spencer, Doctor of Economics
  • Marguerite Kyte, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Henry W. Aplington, Jr., Ph.D., Doctor of Science
  • Arthur Elliott Levine (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Conrad Grondin, Doctor of Economics


  • Geoffrey Peter Faux, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Bruce Hangen, Degree of Fine Arts
  • Dr. Kingsley Kay, Doctor of Science
  • James Russell Wiggins (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Honorable William S. Cohen (speaker), Doctor of Laws
  • Elsa Marie Meder, Ph.D., Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Charles W. Sauter, II, D.O., Doctor of Humane Letters


  • William J. Caldwell (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Honorable Elmont S. Tyndale, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • F. Stephen Larrabee, Ph.D. (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Benjamin M. Ziegler, Ph.D. (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Mary D. Merrill, Distinguished Service Award, (No Honorary Degree Offered)


  • Robert J. Lurtsema, B.S., Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Dr. Scott Nearing (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters
  • William F. Kearns Jr., Doctor of Public Service


  • Robert E. L. Strider, Ph.D., President of Colby College, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • The Honorable William B. Hathaway, U.S. Senator from Maine, Doctor of Laws
  • Reverend Paul C. Reinert (speaker), President of St. Louis University, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Rev. Robert J. White, Msgr., Doctor of Laws
  • The Honorable Edward Thaxter Gignoux, Doctor of Laws
  • Dr. Kenneth E. Eble (speaker), Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Dr. Richard Weigle(speaker), President of St. John's University, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • The Honorable Kenneth M. Curtis (speaker), Doctor of Laws
  • The Honorable Thomas J. Paolino, Assoc. Justice of Supreme Court of Rhode Island, Doctor of Laws
  • William S. Huber, Professor Emeritus at Rhode Island School of Design, Doctor of Laws


  • Dr. Edward Y. Blewett, President of Westbrook Junior College, Doctor of Laws
  • Sterling Dow, Ph.D., Professor of Archeology at Harvard College, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • The Honorable James L. Farmer (speaker), Asst. Secretary, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • The Honorable Frank Licht (speaker), Governor of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, Doctor of Laws
  • Rt. Rev. Frederick Barton Wolf, Episcopal Diocese of Maine, Doctor of Laws
  • Mr. Waldemar A. Roebuck, President of North American Federation of the Third Order of St. Francis, Doctor of Humane Letters


  • Mr. Edwin D. Canham (speaker), Editor-in-Chief, Christian Science Monitor, Doctor of Laws
  • Rt. Rev. Msgr Adrien G. Verrette, Pastor, St. Georgie's Church, Doctor of Humane Letters
  • Mr. Carl Burton Stokes, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, Doctor of Law


  • The Most Rev. Peter Leo Gerety, Coadjutor Bishop of Portland, Doctor of Laws
  • Dr. Donald M. MacKenzie (speaker), President of Park College, Doctor of Laws


  • Mr. Lionel B. Kavanagh, President of Standard Tool Company, Doctor of Science
  • Rev. Bernard Haring (speaker), Department of Religious Studies, Brown University, Doctor of Laws


  • Mr. J. Henri Goguen, President General of L'Union St-Jean-Baptiste d'Amerique, Doctor of Laws
  • Most Rev. Ernest Primeau (speaker), Bishop of Manchester, Doctor of Laws
  • Rev. Sister M. Carmel Therriault, President of St. Joseph's College, Doctor of Education
  • Bro. Cajetan J. B. Baumann, O.F.M., Doctor of ScienceMr. Harold D. Carroll, Esq., Doctor of Laws
  • Very Rev. Luke M. Chabot, O.F.M. Minister Provincial, Doctor of Laws


  • Rt. Rev. Msgr. Armand E. Cyr, Holy Rosary Rectory, Doctor of Education
  • Dr. John W. McDeVitt (speaker), Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Doctor of Laws


  • Rev. Georges-Albert Laplante, O.F.M. Doctor of Letters
  • Dr. Robert H. McCarn Doctor of Letters
  • Dr. Philip Lambert (speaker)


  • Most Rev. Daniel J. Feeney, Bishop of Portland, Doctor of Laws
  • Rev. Fernand Porter, O.F.M., Doctor of Letters


  • Joseph E. Sullivan, Sr., Doctor of Letters
  • Senator Edmund S. Muskie, Doctor of Law
  • Dr. Joseph R. Larochelle, Doctor of Letters
  • Rev. Edward V. Stanford (speaker), Doctor of Education