UNE students in every college and across our campuses rely on the extensive resources, services and support provided by the libraries on each campus and special collections such as the UNE Gallery of Art and the UNE Art Gallery in the Ketchum Library.

The UNE Art Gallery on the Portland Campus was established in 1977, formerly known as the Payson Art Gallery. This gallery has a rich history of exhibitions and continues to bring imaginative and thought-provoking shows open to the public. 

The UNE Art Gallery in the Ketchum Library on the Biddeford Campus opened in September of 2014 and holds regular exhibitions dedicated to the UNE community on the Biddeford Campus, with particular focus on artistic and cultural exhibitions that may be of interest to UNE students.

A gift to the UNE Gallery of Art Annual Fund supports the work they do and the services they provide our students.

UNE Gallery of Art Annual Fund
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