Gifts to Opportunity support undergraduate and graduate student scholarships, student research and global learning.

Scholarship Support

While the University distributes millions in financial aid to undergraduate students each year, most UNE individuals and families must reach deep to pay their expected contribution. By investing in undergraduate scholarship support, donors are making a tangible difference for students, families and futures.

Whether determined to be a social worker, doctor, or marine biologist, UNE graduate students are certain that the future holds great promise and are willing to take on significant debt to achieve an advanced degree. By decreasing student debt load, graduate scholarships open career paths and widen choices for new professionals.

Former Trustee Eleanor Manning Morrell ’49 and Richard Morrell HA ’96 give to endow a scholarship

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Student Research

The approximately 250 students who participate annually in student research are better prepared for their careers, and undergraduate researchers are more likely to enroll in graduate school. Intellectual curiosity and independence are enhanced, along with critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving. By investing in student research, donors ensure that every student who wishes to may have the opportunity to work alongside nationally-recognized faculty using state-of-the-art equipment and discipline-specific supplies.

Sarah Libby

Sarah Libby, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant recipient 
Diet Effects Pain Sensitization in Drosophia

"I was looking at how diet affects chronic pain as opioid abuse is a huge problem in the U.S. with addiction, overdoes and other side affects, so we’re trying to find alternative drug targets using the common fruit fly as the model organism. The SURE summer stipend allowed me to stay on campus while doing research. I hope that this research is working toward an honors thesis and it will help me down the line in a medical career. The scientific skills I acquired this summer with the help of this stipend will impact me in both my educational endeavors and medical career."


Global Learning

UNE is increasingly global: an international campus in Tangier, Morocco, a full-semester study away program in Seville, Spain, and 14 faculty-led study abroad programs to destinations including Belize, Ireland and Ghana. Studying abroad prepares students to work successfully in a demographically changing United States by embedding their education and training in a variety of diverse cultural environments. By investing in global learning, donors help to provide access to international experiences for all students regardless of financial need.

Students in Morocco

UNE students on the Morocco campus experiencing Tanjazz, Tangier, Morocco, September 2015