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'inChemistry' magazine features two articles about UNE

UNE Chemistry Club

December 15, 2016

The University of New England was well represented in the most recent edition of inChemistry magazine. The publication, which is published by The American Chemical Society (ACS), interviewed students in the UNE Global Educations Program in an article about studying abroad and also published a spotlight on the UNE Chemistry Club.

In the article, “Go Global,” inChemistry interviewed UNE undergraduate students Kenneth Mei and Jessica Woolf. Mei studied in Tangier, Morocco and Woolf studied in Seville, Spain. They talked about how their global education opportunities provided enough flexibility to keep up with their coursework while studying abroad.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Amy Keirstead explained that UNE students can take organic chemistry when studying in Seville and can take a variety of science courses in Tangier at UNE’s state-of-the-art campus, which includes lab space. “We want our students to have a positive study abroad experience, but also be able to take their science courses and stay on schedule,” Keirstead said. “All these courses are taught by local instructors, with faculty members sometimes visiting from the United States.”

A second article in the “Spotlight” section of the magazine focused on UNE’s Chemistry Club. The club, which has 25 members, was one of only 46 ACS student chapters in the U.S. to be awarded "Outstanding" status (the highest honor) for the 2015-16 academic year. The article discussed how the club celebrates National Chemistry Week with daily events, demonstrations, food and raffle prizes. In the article, the club also described its most popular events, including its Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Last year the club attached science love puns to plastic test tubes filled with candy.

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