Academic Program Review

The academic program review comprises one of the instruments regularly used to evaluate and advance UNE’s effectiveness. Both fully established and newly developed programs engage in this process.

Every established academic program at the University undergoes a thorough review every four to seven years, depending on the program, its college, and — if applicable — its schedule with its specialized accrediting body. Programs with specialized accreditation write an evaluative, evidence-based response following their reaccreditation review. Programs without specialized accreditation write an evaluative, evidence-based self-study and get feedback from an external reviewer.

The goals of reviewing an academic program include: (a) aligning the program’s student learning outcomes and strategic plan together and with the University strategic plan; (b) evaluating the program’s process in assessing student learning and applying assessment results to improve student learning; and (c) appraising its curriculum, faculty, professional support staff, pedagogical and financial resources, and internal and external demand to meet its objectives.

Program Review Documents

New Program Development and Program Revision Resources

Three-year new program review

All new UNE programs (including new majors and minors) undertake an evaluation following their third full academic year in the University catalog. The new program review entails comparing the data and projections in the original Feasibility Study and its related Pro Forma to the actual data and findings in the three-year period, any modifications the new program has made, and any adjustments the program plans to make in the ensuing years until the next scheduled program review.

For further information on the three-year new program review, refer to the new program development procedures in the New Program Development and Program Revision Resources.


The Office of the Provost manages and funds the academic review process and works in close collaboration with the college deans and program directors/department chairs of units under review.

For additional information, contact the program’s associated college dean or UAC member. To schedule a workshop on the program review process, contact Jennifer Mandel, associate director of assessment.