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Post-Doctoral Program

Here at UNE, we provide rigorous post-doctoral training in an excellent and supportive research environment. Our focus is on personalized mentorship and continued education in both your research project and your development of professional career skills. Using the career development plan designed by you, in consultation with your advisor, we seek to provide you with all of the skills necessary to taking the next step in your career in academics, industry, or another alternative career pathway. Post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to write individual training grants and present their work in local, national, and international venues. Moreover, opportunities exist for teaching undergraduate, graduate, or medical students here at UNE.

Current Post-Doctoral Fellows

Neal Mecum, PhD

Alexa Wakley, PhD

Seth Davis, PhD

Kinuyo Ohara

Soon Lee

Previous Post-Doctoral Fellows

Meghan Beauchemin, PhD
Product Transfer Scientist II at Alere Inc.

Eliza Grlickova-Duzevik, MS, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences at UNE

Diana Goode, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences at UNE

Ramaz Geguchadze, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences at UNE


Information for Prospective Post-Doctoral Fellows