Hands-on Learning

The Zebrafish Education and Research Facility provides you with opportunities for training and hands-on learning with cutting-edge techniques using the zebrafish in both the classroom and in biomedical research.

Because zebrafish share more than 70% genetic similarity with humans, the species serves as an important model system for studying human disease. In fact, 85% of genes associated with human diseases can also be found in the zebrafish. Offering advantages such as ease of genetic manipulation, cost effectiveness, and rapid embryonic development, zebrafish provide a significant benefit to students and faculty interested in researching biomedical issues, including development, regeneration, infectious disease, cancer, and toxicology.

The facility is located on the Biddeford Campus and currently contains two double-sided recirculating systems with the capacity to house up to 7,000 zebrafish. It provides expertise and facilities for zebrafish husbandry as well as classroom and experimental use for faculty, students, and external users.

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Class


  • Animal housing and care
  • Shipping and receiving embryos and adult fish
  • Embryo procurement and disinfection
  • Training and technical consultation

Histology and Imaging Core

ZERF users benefit from UNE's Histology and Imaging Core's expertise and instrumentation for the embedding, sectioning, and staining of zebrafish tissues, as well as imaging and image analysis.

Learn more about the Histology and Imaging Core

Internal User Fee Schedules

Weekly tank/facility fees

Rates and/or fees Price per week
Facility use flat fee  
One-time weekly charge for facility use $10
Adult (90dpf+tank rates)  
1.8 L tank (<10fish/L, <18 fish) $1.15
2.8 L tank (<10fish/L, <28 fish) $1.75
6.0 L tank (<10fish/L, <60 fish) $3.75
Nursery/Juvenile (5-90dpf) Tank Rates  
1.8 L tank (<15fish/L) $2.30
2.8 L tank (<15fish/L) $3.50
6.0 L tank (<100fry/6L 5 < 21dpf, then <15fish/L 21+dpf $7.50
Quarantine Tank Rates (8 weeks max for acclimation and progeny rearing and experimental fish)  
18.9L (5gal) stand-alone tank (<10fish/L <190 total) $14
Extended quarantine housing for experimental fish Contact Erin Ducharme for fee information

Other services and fees

Service Fee
Shipping and Receiving Embryos/Adult Fish  
Receiving embryos and adults (embryo generation or shipping costs not included) Contact Erin Ducharme to request a quote
Embryo Handling*  
Up to 200 embryos $30 per 200
Spawning set-up/clean-up*  
Mass spawning chamber set-up (wild-type only) $10/spawn
Isolated spawning chamber set-up (Quarantine or Transgenic) $5/tank/spawn
Embryo Disinfection (at 24 hpf)  
Up to 200 embryos from one stock (clutch) $10 per 200 embryos
Tissue Collection  
Embryo, finclip for genotyping Fee is based on protocol used and sample size. Contact Erin Ducharme and Genotyping Core to request a quote
Genotyping services Contact Genotyping Core to request a quote
Training/Technical Consultation*  
Contact Erin Ducharme for discussion of project. $25 per hour

*To request this service fill out this online work order service form (PDF).

Work Order Request


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