Truth In Lending Act

The Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) requires the University of New England to provide you four documents of information regarding the Nursing and Primary Care Loans.  Students must confirm receipt of these documents in order to receive the loan funds.  The required documents are:

  • Solicitation and Application Document
  • First Disclosure Approval Document
  • Self-Certification Form
  • Final Disclosure Approval

Students will be provided with this information as they go through the process of completing the promissory notes for the individual loans with ECSI. Please follow the instructions provided at the site to confirm your receipt and understanding of these documents.  You may need to  temporarily disable any pop-up blocking software on your computer while visiting this site.

The TILA documents apply only to UNE borrowers who have been awarded Nursing and Primary Care Loans.

Your loan will not disburse until you have completed this process.