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UNE is committed to providing a strong return for your investment in education. That means offering a quality academic experience that is within reach. Our Student Financial Services team is here to support you in the process of planning your UNE education. 

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Direct Costs

Direct costs are items directly related to studies such as tuition, program fees, and general service fees.

FeeFirst YearSecond Year
General Service and Lab Fees (per semester, non-refundable)$70$70
Technology Fee (per semester, non-refundable)$150$150
Total Direct Costs$19,900$26,460

*Tuition calculations are based on a per-credit rate of $1,640. You take 12 credits your first year of the program and 16 the second year. 

Costs are based on 2024–2025 rates and do not factor potential increases.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are included in the student's financial aid budget. These are not direct charges from the university, but allowances that are given to cover expenses the student may incur while attending school. Indirect costs can only be considered for the months the student is enrolled.

Estimated ExpenseAmount