Preparing Culturally Aware Leaders for a Multicultural World

The UNE Diversity Leadership Certificate is a co-curricular leadership development program for undergraduate students designed to increase your awareness about multicultural and social justice issues. The program also provides you with opportunities for experiential learning with diverse communities. Participants who complete the 20+ hour year-long program receive a Diversity Leadership Certificate of Completion that you can include on their UNE co-curricular transcript and resume.

This certificate also counts toward the UNE Badging program and will allow you to earn the Diversity Leadership badge.

Why Participate in the Diversity Leadership Certificate Program?

When you successfully complete the Diversity Leadership Certificate, you will be able to:

  • Analyze your own identities and describe how your personal worldview is shaped by cultural factors.
  • Identify and critique personal assumptions and biases.
  • Describe how privilege and power contribute to social injustices.
  • Define the concept of "cultural humility" and its main characteristics.
  • Demonstrate humility and sensitivity to others through service opportunities in local communities.

Download the DLC program information card (PDF)

Enrollment for the 2023 DLC program is closed.

Diversity Leadership Certificate Program Requirements

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Complete 4 Interactive Workshops


Attend 3 Events

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1 Community Service Opportunity

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Complete a Final Reflection

  1. Complete the online orientation to culture and identity
  2. Participate in four interactive workshops
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Gender and Sexuality (LGBTQ Safe Space Program)
    • Race and Racism
    • Class and Classism
  3. Attend a minimum of three on-campus approved events
  4. Complete a minimum of one community service opportunity
    • You will be expected to volunteer at one community site working with a diverse community or issue. Past service opportunities have included working with the Boys & Girls Club, Preble Street Soup Kitchen, NAACP and Portland Public Schools. These activities are coordinated by students in the Advanced tier of the Certificate program, in coordination with the Office of Citizenship and Civic Engagement.
  5. Final reflection paper
    • You will be expected to pass in at least a 3-page summary and evaluation of their program experience that demonstrates an understanding of Cultural Humility, strategies for changing oppressive structures, and advocacy/allyship, at the completion of the Diversity Leadership Certificate Program.

As a participant, you are enrolled in an online curriculum. You are required to submit a reflection of your experiences after each milestone in the program. If you are interested, an advanced curriculum is available for students with further learning.