About the UNE Badging Program

The UNE Badging program is a non-credit bearing vehicle that allows students the opportunity to digitally validate and document knowledge, skill sets, qualifications, and competencies.

Earn Recognition

The University of New England issues its badges via the Acclaim platform. To view the offered badges, visit the UNE Credly page. Click the individual badge icons to get details and contact information on how to earn that badge.

Badge Committee Members


Why would I want to earn a badge?

Sharing badges with graduate schools, potential employers, etc., is a great way to demonstrate some of the skills and competencies you have acquired that are not captured in an academic transcript. The evidence attached to a badge provides concrete examples of your work. You can also view labor market insights that include top locations that are hiring for a particular skill, top job tiltes and employers, and salary ranges assiciated with those jobs.

Why would I create a badge?

Faculty and professional staff may wish to develop a badge when they identify a coherent set of integrated competencies that is not currently captured or easily demonstrated through a traditional academic transcript, CV, or resume. Development will occur with the assistance of the Badging Committee.

How do I share or post badges?

You can share the badges you earn through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Badges can also be embedded and shared via hyperlinks. Anyone viewing your earned badges will be able to view the evidence that was uploaded when you were issued the badge.

Are badges open to learners outside of UNE?

Our badge program is open to all learners. Any participant who completes the learning activities and demonstrates achievement of the learning outcomes/competencies for a badge would be able to claim it. Some badges are geared more toward UNE community members, but others are open to all. For more details and contact information about each badge visit the UNE Credly page. There may be additional fees for non-community learners.

How many badges does UNE offer?

This number is constantly changing. New badges are added throughout the year. See the UNE Credly page for a list and description of current badges.

Can badges be awarded retroactively?

In some instances, a past learner may have met the necessary criteria for earning a badge. Developers of the badge (or their designee) would need to approve achievement of the related learning outcomes/competencies submission of necessary evidence. See the contact information within each badge description on the UNE Credly page to inquire about specific details.

Can a faculty member, academic unit, member of the professional staff, or professional staff unit require students to earn a badge?

No, the badge program at UNE is voluntary, learners elect to earn badges.


For more information email une-badging@une.edu.