Climate Action Plan and Process

A requirement of our president’s signature on the “Carbon Commitment,” (formerly named American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment) was the development of a Climate Action Plan with regular updates. UNE’s 2010 Climate Action Plan identified 2040 as our goal for carbon neutrality with interim target reductions.

UNE released the first update to the Climate Action Plan, which includes a summary of UNE's current greenhouse gas emissions inventory, mitigation and financing strategies, and education, outreach and community engagement activities. The 2017 Climate Action Plan update addresses innovative as well as best practice strategies for mitigating our organization’s carbon emissions.

The process for development of UNE's 2017 Climate Action Plan update utilized a community engagement strategy known as the World Café. The goals of the UNE World éCaf event were to harvest new ideas, draft a roadmap for the Climate Action Plan, strengthen an environmental stewardship community mandate and foster civic agency to support UNE’s goal of achieving climate neutrality. To the left are resources that further explain the World Cafe model and why the stakeholder engagement process is so important to this work.

Where Good Ideas Come From
Former UNE President Danielle Ripich included this video by Steve Johnson in her letter to faculty and professional staff in the fall of 2015 as she shared four new university initiatives to help "foster the connected mind".

The World Café
"The World Café is a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter...with the understanding that conversation is the core process that drives personal, business and organizational life."

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