Portland Campus

Kitchen and dining hall composting

Nor'easter Cafe has been composting kitchen food scraps since 2012. Kitchen preparation food scraps are composted and diners are asked to sort their waste into three bins: trash, recycling, and compost. Anything that was ever alive can be thrown in the compost — this includes napkins, food scraps, and compostable serviceware, like the To-Go containers and paper coffee cups.

Biddeford Campus

Kitchen composting

For many years the food scraps from the Decary Cafe kitchen went to a local pig farmer. In January 2017 Decary Cafe began composting food scraps with Garbage to Garden. In the first semester, more than 16,000 gallons of food waste were composted at Benson Farm in Gorham, Maine through Garbage to Garden.

Residential hall composting

A residential composting program was rolled out in fall 2017 semester for students on the Biddeford Campus. The $10 annual membership fee covers the cost of enough compostable BioBags for one per week through the academic year and key to the locked collection bins. The recycling fund covers the cost of the waste disposal. This is a great option for students who want to practice sustainable living in their residence halls. There are two collections located on campus: between the gateway tunnel and Sokokis Hall and near the basketball court behind Avila Hall. To participate in the program, contact the Sustainability Coordinator, Alethea Cariddi, at 602-2507 or acariddi@une.edu

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