Athletic Participation Policy

The Athletic Training program at the University of New England recognizes that many prospective students who express interest in our program are also interested in participating in one or more intercollegiate sports during their college years.

We also appreciate the fact that many of our most successful graduates were athletes while here at UNE. It is also our understanding, however, that because the AT program has a significant clinical component which often requires student commitment during afternoons, evenings, and on weekends, time conflicts between sport demands and clinical requirements can arise.

Although we encourage students to take advantage of the co-curricular opportunities available on our campus, we are dedicated to making sure that students can graduate on time, fulfill all the requirements for the Athletic Training major, and have enough quality clinical experiences to enable them to become competent, confident entry-level athletic trainers. In order to achieve a balance between the desires of the student and the needs of the AT program, the following policies have been established:

  1. The intention on the part of a prospective student to participate in intercollegiate athletics shall not factor into the admissions decision for the AT program.
  2. Students admitted to the AT program may participate in intercollegiate athletics.
  3. Athletic Training students will be encouraged to limit their participation to only one (1) sport per academic year.
  4. Athletic Training students who participate in intercollegiate athletics must, like all students, fulfill all the didactic and clinical program requirements before they may graduate. All such students are strongly encouraged to consult the program director early in their matriculation into the University to provide for appropriate planning/academic advising.

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