High School Students

Please see Undergraduate Admissions for details concerning the general admissions requirements.

Students Who Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree

If you already hold a bachelor's degree from a U.S. regionally accredited institution (or international equivalent) prior to matriculation and current UNE 3+2 MSAT students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission into the professional/graduate phase of the athletic training program.

Admission Criteria

The criteria below must be met to be eligible for admission into the professional/graduate phase of the athletic training program.

Important Application Dates

  • For program starting: Fall 2024
  • All applicants must apply through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS)
  • ATCAS Application Portal opens for fall 2024 admission: June 30, 2023
  • Priority Application Deadline: December 1, 2023
  • Current UNE Student Deadline: February 15, 2024
  • Final Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

Application Process

  • All verified applications undergo a preliminary review for minimum requirements, after which qualified applicants will be invited to an interview.
  • Interviews are a required part of the application process and are by invitation only.
  • Following the required interview, a final decision will be made for select applicants.
  • UNE communicates all status updates, notifications, and admission decisions via email.

For specific academic dates, please view the UNE Academic Calendar.


Graduate Admissions

For more information, contact our Portland Campus office at (207) 221-4225 or

We are located in Hersey Hall room 108 at 716 Stevens Ave., Portland, Maine. 




The University of New England Department of Athletic Training participates in the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). All applicants are required to apply online through this service.

Degree Requirement

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. regionally accredited institution, or international equivalent, prior to matriculation.

  • All applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Official transcripts should be sent directly to ATCAS. Please refer to the ATCAS application for additional information and instructions.
GPA Requirement

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, as calculated by ATCAS (inclusive of all coursework taken with no forgiveness for retakes).

Prerequisite Coursework Requirements
Course Subject Course Detail Course Credits
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
General Chemistry I Lab required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
Physics I Lab required 4 semester or 6 quarter credits
Kinesiology/Biomechanics Lab not required 3 semester or 4.5 quarter credits
Exercise Physiology Lab not required 3 semester or 4.5 quarter credits
Other Important Prerequisite Coursework Considerations
  • Prerequisite courses, with the exception of General Chemistry I and Physics I, must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better (“C minus” grades are not acceptable).
  • General Chemistry I and Physics I must be successfully completed with a grade of "C-" or better (anything below a "C minus" is not acceptable).
  • Prerequisite courses may be in progress or planned at the time of application. All courses must be completed with an official transcript submitted to the Office of Graduate Admission prior to the start of the program.
  • All planned or in-progress coursework should be listed on the ATCAS application at the time of application submission; not doing so will result in the applicant not meeting all admissions requirements and therefore will not be eligible for admission review.
  • Online courses offered through UNE’s Online Science Prerequisites as well as online courses from other regionally accredited U.S. colleges or universities are acceptable with program approval.
Letters of Reference

Two (2) letters of reference* – submitted via ATCAS

  • One (1) academic reference from a professor, research advisor, or academic advisor.
  • One (1) letter from a person of your choice who can speak to your ability to be academically successful and practice professionally.

*Letters from friends or family members are not acceptable.

Personal Statement
  • Please refer to the ATCAS application for specific writing prompts and additional information.
Licenses and Certifications

The following document should be uploaded directly to the ATCAS application:

  • Proof of current certification in Emergency Cardiac Care and Basic First Aid.
  • Personal interviews with faculty are required for admission and are granted to qualified applicants by invitation only.
International Applicants

International applicants and those with foreign degrees and coursework are required to satisfy the following additional requirements:

  • Official credential evaluation by World Education Service (WES), confirming degree and grade equivalency to that of a U.S. bachelor’s degree. The completed credential evaluation should be sent directly to ATCAS. Please refer to the International Admissions section of the UNE website for more information on the type of credential evaluation required for admission review.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate written and spoken fluency through the successful completion of a UNE-approved English language proficiency test.
  • Applicants should refer to the English Language Proficiency page on the UNE website for specific information, minimum score requirements, and submission instructions.
Other Requirements

Prior to matriculation, accepted and deposited students will be required to complete the following compliance requirements:

  • Completion of physical examination with proof of up-to-date immunization status. Please refer to UNE’s Student Health Center for detailed information.
  • Satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and/or drug screen prior to matriculation, as well as periodically throughout the program (as required by clinical affiliations).
  • Proof of successful completion of yearly OSHA-required bloodborne pathogens safety training will be required prior to the first clinical assignment.
  • All students transferring into the AT Program must meet all admissions requirements and complete the entire graduate phase of the program.
  • All students must have the ability to meet the Academic and Technical Standards of the Athletic Training profession.

All materials submitted as part of the application become the property of UNE and will not be returned or released to anyone, including the applicant. This policy includes letters of reference, primary and secondary applications, personal statements, transcripts, and other supporting materials.


  • Policies are established to ensure fair and consistent admissions practice for all applicants to the university and its programs
  • All criteria presented in this summary are subject to change per professional accreditation requirements, changes in curriculum and/or other institutional standards, and clinical affiliation requirements
  • Exceptions to existing admission policies are rare and made only when it is deemed necessary and appropriate to maintain fair and consistent practice for all candidates, not individual candidates

Transfer Credit

  • Transfer credits are rarely awarded to students who transfer from another Athletic Training Program.
  • The program director will review and award transfer credits on a case-by-case basis.

Advanced Standing

  • No advanced standing placement available

Experiential Learning

  • No credit awarded for experiential learning