The Office of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in the Westbrook College of Health Professions offers courses and workshops throughout the year to provide local, regional, national, and international clinicians and administrators with timely and critical information in health care. The overall goals of the Office of Continuing Professional Education are to:

  • Present up-to-date “best practices,” research and achievements in health care and health care policy to health care professionals.
  • Provide current theories in health professions and instruction on how to translate those theories into practice.
  • Assist health care professionals in obtaining their specific licensure and continuing education requirements.

Contact the Office of Continuing Professional Education at (207) 221-4343 for more information.

Program Location

Most CPE programs take place on UNE's Portland Campus. Programs that do not take place on campus will be identified in the specific program information.

Directions to CPE on the Portland Campus


Dental Assistant Radiology Exam Prep Course

This course is designed to give the training and confidence necessary to successfully sit for the State of Maine radiology-licensing exam. This course does not include the radiology license. This program consists of 8 hours didactic training on radiology theory and application as well as 8 hours of practical hands-on experience with typodonts as a real patient practicum opportunity.

Prechtl Assessment of General Movements

UNE offers both basic and advanced general movement assessment courses that fulfill the standards specified by the General Movements Trust. The Basic Course must be successfully completed before taking the Advanced Course.

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