The Ghana Cross Cultural Health Immersion

U N E students and faculty stand en mass with community health educators in Ghana *The Cross Cultural Immersion Program in Ghana will not be offered in 2017. Please check back next year for information regarding a possible summer 2018 trip.

The Cross Cultural Health Immersion to Ghana, Africa integrates western health practices with folk medicine that is integral in providing culturally competent health care to all groups. Cross cultural health immersion is an important mechanism that can increase one's awareness with respect to cultural competence. 

Immersion Experience

The program offers an immersion experience in August, enabling students to work alongside Ghana Health Service, community health educators and the community. Since 2008, UNE students, faculty and staff have been part of this partnership in the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa. Participants engage in direct health services, interprofessional collaboration, community education and academic and cross cultural exchange.

Map of Africa with Ghana highlighted in red

Broaden your world view and begin the process of becoming a culturally sensitive health professional. Increase your professional capacity through self reflection prior to, during, and after the experience.  

Students from all health professions programs are invited to participate, and will, in conjunction with participating faculty, develop, implement and evaluate health education curricula relevant to the population need.

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Director, Service Learning
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Jennifer Morton
Director, Global Health Initiatives
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