The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) provides a staff of peer, graduate, and professional tutors to support a wide selection of UNE courses in all colleges. UNE’s peer tutors are a select group of students who demonstrate subject proficiency as well as the personal qualities and professionalism necessary for providing effective academic support.

Peer tutors are selected based on academic achievement, supportive faculty recommendations, and an application and interview process. Peer tutors are trained and many have earned certification by the College Reading and Learning Association. Professional tutoring is also provided by SASC professional staff.

Tutoring services are free of charge to all students matriculated in a program at UNE. Current tutor availability is found on where you can search and schedule appointments. You may also contact the Student Academic Success Center at (207) 602-2443. If tutoring is not currently available in a particular subject, you are encouraged to submit a request to SASC Tutor Coordinator, Molly McCarthy at

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