Professional staff members of U N E's student academic success center

About our Professional Staff

Our professional staff are here to help you develop and maintain the skills you need to meet the challenges of undergraduate and graduate academic demands. We assist in developing a learning and study plan based on your needs, and we will work with you to assess your progress and effectiveness in implementing practices.


Mary Fraser
Director, Student Academic Success Center
Student Academic Success Center 9

Professional Staff

Headshot of Eric Drown
Developmental Writing Supervisor
Brenda Edmands
Coordinator, SASC Portland Campus and Online
Proctor Hall 102C
Jen Gennaco
DigiSpace Coordinator
Multimodal Writing Specialist
Adjunct Faculty
SASC Offices
default avatar
Developmental Writing Specialist
default avatar
Administrative Assistant
Proctor Hall 102
Headshot of Allison Neeland
Learning Specialist, Student Academic Success Center
Proctor Hall 102
Katherine Rehill
Developmental Math Specialist
Learning Specialist
Nichol Shea
Office Manager
Ripich Commons Room 206
default avatar
Tutor Coordinator
Headshot of Karen Tasker
Math/Science Academic Support Specialist
Student Access Center Office 10 Student Access Center
Lori Wall
Developmental Mathematics Supervisor
Associate Adjunct Faculty Mathematics Department
Student Academic Success Center 13

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