Placement Procedures at UNE

The placement process evaluates your skill level in writing and mathematics to determine which courses are most appropriate to maximize your academic success. Placement decisions are made by professional staff from the Student Academic Success Center. Results are reported to academic advisors prior to registration.

Writing Placement

As an incoming undergraduate student, you will be placed in an appropriate writing course (Writing Lab with English Composition, or English Composition) based on a review of multiple measures of your achievement, including high school grade point average, high school English grades, Advanced Placement credit, or English Composition transfer credit.

Placement Challenge

If you believe that your writing capabilities are not accurately captured in your academic profile, you may submit up to three writing samples to the developmental writing supervisor of the Student Academic Success Center. Writing samples should be non-fiction, engage the ideas of other writers, and have gone through a multi-stage drafting, revision, and editing process. Submissions should include drafts (preferably with teacher's comments) and final versions of papers and have been written in grades 11 or 12. Contact Eric Drown at or (207) 602-2584 for more information.

You can learn more about Writing Lab and whether you would benefit by registering on the Writing Lab webpage.


As a result of the assessment process, you are placed in the writing class most appropriate to your demonstrated level of skill:

  1. Writing Lab with English Composition
  2. English Composition. 

Writing lab credits count toward full-time enrollment requirements, and the grade received in the course is computed in your grade point average (GPA), but the course does not fulfill graduation requirements. English Composition is part of the University's Core Curriculum and is required of all students as one component of that curriculum.

Math Placement Quick Reference

  • Placement is made based on your credentials prior to New Student Orientation
  • You are encouraged to challenge placement
  • A mathematics bridge program is available if you want to advance your placement
  • If your major requires pre-calculus, calculus, chemistry, and/or physics, you need a UL4 placement to avoid pre-requisite coursework

Mathematics placement levels

First-year students are assigned one of five levels (UL2 thru UL6) using a combination of data: high school mathematics courses and grades, other high school transcript information, GPA, and SAT/ACT or other standard mathematics test scores if available. Transfer students are placed based on available high school records and college transcripts.


If you feel that your initial placement does not accurately reflect your mathematical ability, you are encouraged to submit additional evidence of achievement, including Advanced Placement scores, updated or additional transcripts, or Accuplacer results from another college. In particular, if you were enrolled in any mathematics class during your senior year, you should email a final senior transcript directly to Lori Wall at


If you place at UL2 or UL3, you should consider UNE's Mathematics Bridge as an option to advance your math placement level. The curriculum is online, individualized, and completely self-paced. The cost is less than $50 for a six-week access code. 

If you are interested in enrolling in the UNE bridge opportunity, email Lori Wall at or call (207) 602-2794 for a course code.


Every degree program has a mathematics requirement and mathematics prerequisites exist for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Your initial mathematics placement level will determine your first-semester course schedule. Placement levels and corresponding courses are listed below.

University Placement level

Math Courses

Science Courses


SAS021* Introductory Algebra



SAS022*Advanced Algebra

MAT110 Quantitative Reasoning

MAT120 Statistics

BIO104 General Biology

BIO105 105/106

CHE130 Principles of Chemistry


MAT150 Statistics for Life Sciences MAT180 Precalculus

CHE110 General Chemistry

CHE125 Intro to Chem/Phys

PHY110 General Physics


MAT190 Calculus I

any entry level science course


MAT195 Calculus II

any entry level science course

If you change your major, you will be required to follow the prerequisites of that program which may include a different math requirement.

*Courses with a SAS designation are offered through the Student Academic Success Center and serve as prerequisites to mathematics and science courses. SAS courses count towards full-time enrollment for the purposes of athletic eligibility and financial aid but do not satisfy core curriculum or graduation requirements and do not earn credit toward graduation. Grades for SAS courses are computed into your grade point average. If you are required to enroll in SAS mathematics courses, you will be invited to participate in UNE’s Mathematics Bridge Opportunity.

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