The Office of Campus Planning is responsible for:

  • Capital Construction and Planning
  • Space Management and Renovations
  • Capital and Deferred Maintenance Budget Oversight

The Office of Campus Planning is responsible for the development and oversight of the University's Master Plan and subsequent capital construction projects. This includes facilitating the development of the design and specifications to ensure compliance with University standards, permitting and regulatory compliance, and construction monitoring.

All requests for space and space renovations (physical reconfigurations) are coordinated through the Office of Campus Planning. The University's space planning policy (PDF) is utilized to allocate space. A space request form can be obtained by selecting the following link, CapDM-Space Request form (PDF). Normal maintenance requests (painting, shelving, furniture repairs, etc.) should be initiated utilizing the Facilities Management Services Get-It Work Order System.

The development and oversight of the University's Capital and Deferred Maintenance Budget is coordinated through the Office of Campus Planning. Departments wishing to request capital funds for future fiscal years should utilize the CapDM-Space Request form (PDF).

Capital Construction and Planning 

Master Plans

Construction Projects

Portland Campus Overlay Zoning

The City of Portland has implemented an Institutional Overlay Zone ordinance that “provides a regulatory mechanism available to the city’s four major medical and higher education campuses where an improved regulatory structure is needed to facilitate a consistent, predictable, and clear growth management process”. This applies to the University of New England, University of Southern Maine, Maine Medical Center, and Mercy Hospital, and is similar in structure to the Institutional Zoning that is currently in place in Biddeford. Prior to any significant development on the Portland Campus, the University will need to apply for this zoning change.

The Portland Campus currently resides in five separate zones, and “university” uses are only allowed in one of these zones, and that zone is not contiguous to the core campus. This process will ultimately simplify the campus planning and regulatory permitting process in the future as the University grows.

UNE is currently underway with the necessary work to coordinate with the City of Portland and apply for this Institutional Zone change. We are projecting completion of the zoning change by the end of 2020. See proposed master plan link above to see the University’s planned future development on the Portland campus.

Nutrition Kitchen 

Decary Hall – Biddeford Campus

The former main kitchen area located in Decary Hall is currently under construction to become a new Nutrition Kitchen for the University along with a baking and catering kitchen for our new food service provider, Parkhurst Dining.

In 2014, the University began to offer a minor in Nutrition and in 2015 created a full undergraduate degree program. The vision and scope of a new Nutrition Kitchen was developed back in 2017 by a committee that consisted of stakeholders from the Westbrook College of Health Professions (WCHP), the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM), the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Campus Planning. This proposed project and scope was shared with Parkhurst Dining and it was envisioned that the optimal location was to place this in the Decary Hall kitchen, utilizing the existing infrastructure as much as possible and sharing this space with our dining services provider. This partnership affords the luxury of a combined teaching and working kitchen, and the ability of students to work alongside, and in partnership with, our resident chefs. The space could also potentially support the training of regional chefs in the offseason.

The renovations are slated to be completed at the end of this summer and the new kitchen areas to be fully operational for the 2020 fall semester.

Wayfinding - Signage Upgrades and Improvements

Biddeford and Portland Campuses

The University is currently preparing conceptual designs to replace the current wayfinding signage on both campuses to improve function, increase aesthetics, and promote the UNE brand. Design work will be completed by the end of May 2020 and installation work on phase one will begin in June 2020. Phase one work will consist of main campus entry signs, exterior building signage, vehicular directional, and parking lot signage along with pedestrian directional signage. Phase two will take place in 2021 and will consist of internal building signage: including lobby directories, wayfinding signage in hallways, and departmental signage within the buildings.

Dining Services Projects and 365 Market Installs 

Nor’easter Café and Parker Pavilion (Portland) and Windward Café (Biddeford)

Programming and planning has been completed on the proposed project to renovate and upgrade the serving and merchandising area of the existing Nor’easter café on the Portland campus. This work will include an improved layout, new finishes, new serving counters and updated equipment to provide for expanded food options and grab-n-go offerings. The current plan is to complete this project over the upcoming summer break and be open for the 2020 fall semester.

Construction work on new 365 Market Stores have recently been completed on both campuses. One at the Parker Pavilion in Portland and one at the Windward Café in Biddeford. Both will be open for the 2020 fall semesters and will provide students, faculty, and professional staff the ability to purchase beverages, coffee, grab-n-go sandwiches, salads, snacks, and other items at any time of the day.

Waterfront Landscaping and Jordan Point Kiosk

Biddeford Campus

Renovations to the Jordan Point kiosk is now complete. The complete reconstruction of the structure was made possible by generous donations by the alumni and friends of the St. Francis College class of 1966 in the honor of their 50th reunion in October 2016.

The University will continue with its last phase of landscaping work this summer and complete the area along the waterfront in front of the Ripich Commons along with rebuilding the walkway to the completed kiosk. This will finish the multi-year improvements that were started several years ago.

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