Our Vision

The Facilities Management Team is committed to providing service excellence in all areas of responsibility by utilizing innovative leadership and exceptional technique and technology. We foster an atmosphere that allows for an innovative, integrated learning experience.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Facilities Management Department is to continuously improve our products and services in a way that provides a clean, healthy, adaptive, accommodating, functional work environment for students, faculty, and professional staff.

2019 Facilities Management Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for completing our 2019 Facilities Management Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your participation is important to us as it helps continuously improve our customer service and assists with our commitment to provide service excellence. Results will be posted here in April.


Name Title Email Extension
Greg McKellar Director of Facilities Management, BC and PC gmckellar@une.edu 2367
Gene Coffin Housekeeping Supervisor, BC ecoffin1@une.edu 2476
John Reid Facilities Manager, PC jreid2@une.edu 4424
Michael Mowry Facilities Manager, BC mmowry@une.edu 2171
Hayley Bilbrey Administrative Assistant, BC ucfacilities@une.edu 2368
Ashley Breton Office Manager, BC and PC abreton3@une.edu 2239
Karen Nadeau Administrative Assistant, PC wccfacilities@une.edu 4392
Frank Galardo Auxiliary Services Manager, BC and PC fgalardo@une.edu 2567

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