Facilities Management

We continuously improve our products and services in a way that provides a clean, healthy, adaptive, accommodating, and functional work environment for students, faculty, and professional staff.

Our Vision

The Facilities Management Team is committed to providing service excellence in all areas of responsibility by utilizing innovative leadership and exceptional technique and technology. We foster an atmosphere that allows for an innovative, integrated learning experience.

Work Orders

Work orders are processed through SchoolDude software. UNE's account number is 7881765.

How to Submit a Work Order for the First Time

  1. Go to the SchoolDude login webpage
  2. Click on the downward-facing carrot next to “Never Submitted a SchoolDude Request? Register Here“
  3. Fill out the form
    • Note: Use your UNE Okta password
  4. Click Register
  5. Go to the Maint Request tab
  6. Fill in all of the necessary fields (fields marked with a red check mark are required)
  7. Check your info, including the completion date (sometimes the system auto-fills this field incorrectly)
  8. At Step 7, use "password" for the Submittal Password
  9. Click submit
  10. You will receive an email that your work order has been submitted

How to Submit a Work Order if You Already Have an Account

  1. Go to the SchoolDude login webpage and log in
  2. Follow steps 5–10 above

Request a Work Order

Key Request Forms

Key request forms (PDF) must be completed before submitting a work order. The date of the request, the name, department, and position of the individual requesting a key must be filled out. Supply the room number(s) that correspond to the request in the space provided and check the appropriate box in the upper right corner as a new key or lost key replacement. The key request must be authorized by the requestor's supervisor or their designee. If this request is for a key outside of the requester's department, the requestor must reach out to the person authorized to issue keys for that department. Lastly, the completed key request may be sent to facilities@une.edu or uploaded to the work order before submitting.

Vehicle Reservations

Beginning December 1, 2023, vehicle reservations will be made through Ad Astra.

UNE Vehicle Drivers

In order to reserve and drive a UNE fleet vehicle, the driver must be UNE fleet vehicle certified. Faculty, professional staff, and students age 19 and older and who have had their driver’s license for two years can become certified with departmental approval. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks to become certified. A current copy of your driver’s license and completed paperwork will remain on file. A motor vehicle report (MVR) will be run and checked periodically. If you want to become certified for 10 passenger vans there is an additional online course and a road test to take. Have a department head email facilities@une.edu to become certified.

How to View Available Vehicles

You can view how many and which vehicles are available using Ad Astra.

  1. Log in to Ad Astra (contact rooms@une.edu to be added to the Ad Astra user list).
  2. Click on Calendars.
  3. Click on Scheduling Grids.
  4. In middle top “Choose Calendar” field, click on the drop down arrow and choose a campus.
  5. In the blue date box, click on the date of interest (use the drop down arrow be sure to select correct month, year, and day).
  6. In the top left, click on the image of the magnifying glass (search), the filters will display.
  7. Under Location Filters list, click on the plus symbol next to Building and select Facilities Vehicles for the campus you are looking for, then click Done.
  8. Under Event Filters, click the plus symbol next to Event Status and uncheck Scheduled (approved vehicles) and Pending (vehicles being held waiting on more info), then click Done.
  9. Click on the blue search box, this will show you if there are any vehicles reserved. Golf carts will also show up. If you only want to search for Golf carts, under Location Filters, using the Room options you can select the golf carts of interest.
  10. To see the times that the vehicle is loaned out for, use the scroll bar below and scroll to the right.

Alternative way to view the calendar of available vehicles

  1. Click on Calendars, then Calendar.
  2. Click on the Calendar search field and use the filters in steps seven and eight above, then click the blue search box.
  3. Click search. You can view by list, day, week, or month.

How to Reserve a Vehicle

  • Log in to Ad Astra (contact rooms@une.edu to be added to the Ad Astra user list).
  • Click on Events.
  • Click on Request Event, this will bring you to where you will select which event request form you need.
  • Click on the drop down arrow and select Facilities Vehicles Request Form.
  • Click Next.
  • Read the form information then scroll down and enter the requested information, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
    • Event type: Most often you will select either Department Trip or Sports Outing but this may vary based on your need.
    • Gas Pin: The Gas PIN is four digits, and drivers must know their PIN. If you do not know it email facilities@une.edu to request it.
  • After all fields are entered select Add Meeting.

Create a Meeting (Trip)

Always select the type of meeting recurrence first — single, multiple, or recurring. Then change the start and end time. Then select your date(s).

Single Meetings/Trips

The default meeting option when creating meetings is Single Meeting(s). Using this option, you can enter a time, browse dates on the calendars, and quickly select a meeting/trip date.

The Meeting Name will populate from the Destination that you chose from the previous screen and can be viewed by anyone looking at the calendars. Be sure to write an appropriate and descriptive destination. After you have entered your info, click Add Meeting, then click on Request Rooms to assign spaces/vehicles.

Multiple Meetings/Trips

Using this option, you can create multiple dates to create a meeting "group". Meeting groups are displayed as individual dates within the group. This is used when there is not a clear recurring pattern. The dates will turn dark blue when selected. When creating multiple meeting dates as a group, the system will prompt you for a group name. Enter the group name, then click ok, then add meeting, then Request Rooms to assign spaces/vehicles.

Recurring Meetings/Trips

The Recurring option allows you to define a pattern to create a recurring series of meetings. A recurring meeting will appear as a list of meeting/trip dates. Dates can be removed by clicking the red X if not needed.

Work your way down this box starting with the Start and End times. Pay special attention to the Day Pattern for your trip (daily trips, weekly, every two weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday, the first and third Wednesday of every week, etc.) Select the pattern first (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly) and then fill in the information that is specific to each pattern. Remember to fill in the Date Range Start and End or select how many occurrences before the event is complete. Click the Add Meeting, then Request Rooms to assign spaces/vehicles

Assigning a Room (Vehicle)

Once you have click on Assign Room, you’ll see the vehicle options. There are cars, mini-vans, vans and golf carts listed.

  • Hover over the bullseye circle on left to see description of each vehicle, it will show a picture of the vehicle and maximum number of passengers
  • You can select an available vehicle by clicking Available on the line of the vehicle you wish to use
  • The selected will appear in green
  • Click OK
  • You will now be back at your reservation, click Submit

Reservation Approval

Completing the request form form does not guarantee your reservation. You will receive an email stating that your request has been received (if you do not receive a confirmation of receipt email, your request did not go through properly). If your meeting/trip has been approved, you will receive a Room Request Confirmation. Reservations will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. If your reservation does not have all the correct information or if Facilities has a question about your reservation, it will go into pending status which means the reservation is being held for you until we have more information. If a reservation is flagged as tentative, others are still able to book that date/time/vehicle.

Canceling or Changing Your Reservation

If you need to cancel a vehicle reservation be considerate and cancel it by emailing facilities@une.edu as you know that you no longer need the vehicle. You be be charged a fee if you are a no-show or cancel an hour or less before your reservation.

Changes to existing reservations can also be made by emailing facilities@une.edu. When you make changes, be as specific as possible. Example: I have a van #135 reservation on February 4, 2024 from 3–6 p.m. and need to change it to February 4, 2024 from 1–3 p.m. Do not just say I need to move it two hours earlier.

Download the how to reserve a vehicle instructions (PDF)


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