Minor in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a rapidly evolving discipline of solving real-world social problems using best practices from entrepreneurship, business, and several STEM disciplines. The focus of the minor’s required classes will be on applying the social innovation and entrepreneurship processes to real-world problems. Example problems include improving stroke therapies, preventing childhood obesity, fighting neurotoxic algae due to climate change, etc.


Required Classes Credits
BUMG 120 - Innovation Through Technology 3
BUMG 313 - Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
Subtotal 6
Choose Any Three (3) of the following courses Credits
CMM 240 - Social Media: Theory & Practice 3
BUMG 309 - Hacking the Maine Food System 3
BUMK 312 - Entrepreneurship/Small Business 3
BUMG 307 - Operations Management 3
BUMG 314 - Grant Writing 3
BUEC 380 - Economic Development of the U.S. 3
BUEC 390 - Environmental Economics or BUEC 395 - Ecological Economics 3
DSC 205/BUFI 205 - Introduction to Predictive Analytics 3
MAT 225 - Computer Programming with MATLAB 3
Subtotal 9
Choose One (1) of the following courses Credits
BUMG 410 - Creating Social Enterprises 4
BUMG 495B* - Internship in Business Administration 3
Subtotal 3-4
Total Credits 18-19

*Can be substituted with an internship of another major with the permission of the BUMG 495B Coordinator.

Students will be allowed to use up to 12 credits from another minor or their major to complete this minor.

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