Minor in Sport and Recreation Management

A student in another major, may minor in Sport and Recreation Management with the approval of the academic director. Eighteen hours of approved course work is required for the minor in Sport and Recreation Management as follows:


An Introductory Course (Required) Credits
SRM 160 - Introduction to Sport & Recreation Management 3
At Least Four 300 or 400 Level Courses (Required): Credits
SPT 330 - Sport Governance 3
SRM 325 - Sport and Recreation Marketing 3
ORM 335 - Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management 3
SPT 340 - Athletic and Sport Administration 3
ORM 345 - Sustainability and Eco-Recreation 3
SRM 350 - Sport and Recreation Finance 3
SPT 355 - Sport Venue Planning and Management 3
SRM 360 - Leadership 3
ORM 355 - Wilderness First Responder 3
SRM 370 - Law and Ethics in Sport Management 3
SPT 401 - Seminar in Sport Management 3
ORM 401 - Seminar in Outdoor Recreation Management 3
Internship (Required) Credits
SPT 395 - Internship in Sport Management or ORM 395 - Internship in Outdoor Recreation Management 3
Total Credits 18

Note: Specific prerequisites are required for the above-listed course work. Carefully planned sequencing is important to complete this minor. Select courses carefully in consultation with your academic advisor in the Business Department.

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