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Minor in Mental Health Rehabilitation

To work in the agencies funded by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and many other human service organizations, you must hold certification in Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C).

Our minor in Mental Health Rehabilitation allows you to meet the MHRT/C competencies as you complete our seven required courses.

Who Should Consider Certification OR a Mental health rehabilitation minor?
Anyone considering working in the State of Maine in a human service-related field may need the MHRT/C certification, and having it prior to graduation increases the likelihood of job placement and increased starting salary. It may also be helpful for a variety of related professions, such as education, occupational or physical therapy, nursing, and other health care careers. 

How do I apply for MHRT/C certification?  
After completion of your degree and the Mental Health Rehabilitation minor, send an official copy of your transcript and the MHRT/C application to the Muskie School Center for Learning. Application processing time is approximately three weeks and no payment is required. Applications can be obtained at the Muskie website or by contacting the program coordinator, Dr. Linda Morrison. Completed applications should be mailed to:

MHRT/Community Request
The Center for Learning  
45 Commerce Street, Suite 11  
Augusta, ME 04330

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For more information contact Linda Morrison, Ph.D. | (207) 602-2865 |


Curricular Requirements

A student with GPA of at least 2.25 and a major at UNE may minor in MHR with the approval of the Coordinator of the minor or the Psychology Department Chair.  Declarations must occur prior to the completion of the first semester of the junior year. Major programs of study with significant course overlap with MHR minor requirements may be disallowed by the chair.  Students declaring a minor in MHR will not be allowed to double-dip credits across the minor and either major or core requirements (unless no other options are provided by the major, minor, or core requirements).  A minimum of 21 hours of approved course credit with a minimum grade of "C-" in each is required for the minor in MHR as follows (Students completing the 7 courses identified below are eligible for the MHRTC certificate from the state of Maine):  

Course Credits
PSY 105 - Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 205 - Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 250 - Lifespan Development 3
PSY 236 - Mental Health and Society 3

PSY 318 - Community Psychology


PSY 300 - Psychology Internship I

SOC 240 - Race, Class and Gender 3

PSY 410 - Theories of Clinical/Counseling Psychology


PSY 295 - Listening and Communication Skills

Total Credits 21