The School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences work in tandem to offer a minor in Art Therapy. This burgeoning field draws from the disciplines of psychology, art, and other creative processes to promote healing and overall well-being for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Our minor provides you with a foundation for continued study, or for work in community arts programs and organizations where art is used as part of the therapeutic process.

For more information contact Trish Long, Ph.D. | (207) 480-2099 |



A student with GPA of at least 2.25 and a major at UNE may minor in Art Therapy with the approval of the academic director of the School of Art and Humanities or the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Declarations must occur prior to the completion of the first semester of the junior year. Major programs of study with significant course overlap with art therapy minor requirements may be disallowed by the chair. 

The minor in Art Therapy requires a total of 21 credits (12 from the Psychology and 9 from the Arts) with a minimum grade of "C-" in each course. Courses may not be used to fulfill both major and minor requirements. For example, students who must complete PSY 205, Abnormal Psychology, as part of their major may not also use this course to fulfill the Art Therapy requirement. Those students should instead complete either PSY 295, Listening and Communication Skills, or PSY 310, Children and Stress.

Psychology Courses Credits
PSY 105 - Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 205 - Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 410 - Theories, Research, and Practice of Counseling 3
PSY 430 - Introduction to Art Therapy 3
Total 12
Arts Courses Credits
ART 100 - Drawing I 3
ART 201 - Painting I 3
ART 110 - Ceramics or ART 113 - Sculpture 3
Total 9
Total Required Credits 21
In the event that the above courses have been taken to fulfill requirements for the Art Education major or an art minor, students will be required to take 9 credits from this table Credits
ART 102 - Photography 3
ART 103 - Introduction to Image Capture 3
ART 114 - Printmaking 3
ART 199 - Art Topics Course 3
ART 204 - Painting II 3
ART 214 - Digital Photography 3
ART 230 - Graphic Design 3

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