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Psychology Curriculum

Curricular Requirements
CAS Core Requirements 42-46
PSY Majors must take PSY 250 as one of their SGA courses  
PSY Majors must take EXP courses outside of the Psychology Department for their Core requirement  
PSY Majors are encouraged to take MAT 120 or MAT 150 as their Math core  
Psychology Program Required Courses  
PSY 105 - Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 225 - Psychology Statistics 3
PSY 285 - Research Methods 3
PSY 300 - Psychology Internship I 3
PSY 405 - Special Topics Seminar 3
PSY 205 - Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 255 - Social Psychology 3
PSY 350 - Theories of Personality 3
PSY 365 - Biological Bases of Behavior 3
PSY 380 - Learning/Conditioning and Behavior Modification or 
PSY 384/384L - Animal Learning and Behavior
PSY 383 - Memory and Cognition 3
3 open PSY or NEU electives (at the 200 level or higher)
These courses might include options such as PSY 212, PSY 215, PSY 226, PSY 235, PSY 236, PSY 252, PSY 275, PSY 295, PSY 310, PSY 335, PSY 340, PSY 345, PSY 360, PSY 362, PSY 370, PSY 400, PSY 410, NEU 210, NEU 310, NEU 320
Program Minimum Required Total Credits 42-43
Open Elective Courses (needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Required Total Credits  120

 Students wishing to pursue teacher certification in Psychology can complete a double major with Psychology and Secondary Education OR a major in Secondary Education and a concentration in Psychology.  For more Information, see the Secondary Education catalog page.


Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.